How to Write Argumentative Essay

Phase of Scheduling To turn your essay into successful one, add certain elements targeted at swaying readers to witness things from the personal viewpoint. As a result, it is needed to have several minutes in reserve to prepare before jumping into a composition of an argumentative paper. Discover an Appropriate Topic To choose an appropriate […]

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Great Balls Of Fire OST

Great Balls Of Fire, Great balls of fire, the soundtrack to the film, film Great Balls Of Fire (1989) on the Russian language can be translated as “Great balls of fire”, but as “the Large fiery male genitalia”. Anyway, this film biography of the king of rock-n-roll Jerry Lee Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis), and his […]

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Ronnie Dawson and his clear voice

Today we will talk another rockabilly kid – Ronnie Dawson (Ronnie Dawson). Featuring stunning high and clear voice, Ronnie Dawson misled listeners who heard it 1st hit Action Packed, couldn’t figure out who sings a boy or a girl. He looked absolutely wonderful, not being like anyone with his blond buzz cut, which he was […]

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Rockabilly kids

Rockabilly and rock-n-roll is primarily the music of the young and playful (and physical age does not matter here). If you play rock ‘ n ‘ roll, then surely you will not take years; and the sooner you start, the better. And there are perfectly good examples of children playing rockabilly, were able to press […]

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Rihanna — Talk That Talk

Rihanna Talk That Talk Rihanna, gentle as an angel and smart as the Dickens, amazingly beautiful and incredibly talented girl from the island of Barbados again became its national heroine. Neither the parents nor the teachers could not even imagine that the young diva, full of fire, passion, and indomitable desire to prove himself will […]

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Elvis Presley – Honky Tonk At Stax

Elvis Presley, Honky Tonk At Stax, 1973 Elvis Presley – Honky Tonk At Stax (1973) – a very interesting bootleg, a collection of rehearsal recordings of Elvis with Stax, located in Memphis. Great sound, great country-soul record. Very bright and life-affirming. Some of the songs are a little pop, but overall the sound is very even […]

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