All about the life path, ups and downs of famous musicians and bands

Singer V V Brown

Vanessa brown – dark-skinned Englishwoman with unusual roots: her parents are Puerto Rican and citizen of Jamaica. In childhood Vanessa sang in the Church choir, then learned the basics of jazz and soul. At the age of 15 she was singing in a funk band. A little later, managed to be a backing singer of […]

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Arctic Monkeys — AM

  Arctic Monkeys – AM As befits any group-which enters into its next decade of lifestyle, the Arctic Monkeys came quite a distance, beginning like a rock-band, using the adrenaline-filled speed, and choruses, and performing to get a group in a soccer sport. With time, a little aged. Even though it may be the picaresque Quartet, […]

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Ronnie Dawson and his clear voice

Today we will talk another rockabilly kid – Ronnie Dawson (Ronnie Dawson). Featuring stunning high and clear voice, Ronnie Dawson misled listeners who heard it 1st hit Action Packed, couldn’t figure out who sings a boy or a girl. He looked absolutely wonderful, not being like anyone with his blond buzz cut, which he was […]

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Rockabilly kids

Rockabilly and rock-n-roll is primarily the music of the young and playful (and physical age does not matter here). If you play rock ‘ n ‘ roll, then surely you will not take years; and the sooner you start, the better. And there are perfectly good examples of children playing rockabilly, were able to press […]

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