All about the life path, ups and downs of famous musicians and bands

12 facts about Marilyn Manson

And no, we will not tell where the pseudonym of the musician came from Marilyn Manson – a scandalous rocker, blasphemer, a lover of shock and shocking or a thin and thoughtful person, a real artist? On the eve of the Kiev concert we tried to understand the personality of the cult musician, actor and […]

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Who is Gorillaz?

The band was conceived as banter, and then became an event in the world of music, collected a whole harvest of awards and even got into the Guinness Book of Records Once, back in the nineties, two friends – the musician Damon Albarn (the one who screams “yu-hu” in Song 2 of the Blur group) […]

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Be cool as Jagger

The legendary musician is still in the ranks and still is charismatic and active, despite the tumultuous past Today, one of the most recognizable artists in the world – the frontman of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger – is 75 years old. Behind the shoulders of the musician is a huge, rich and incredibly interesting […]

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Collins Kids

Collins Kids – rockabilly Duo from Oklahoma, brother and sister, Larry and Lorrie Collins. Their performances were memorable for all who have ever seen on stage. Laurie sang and played acoustic guitar, dancing a little (and ought not the girl in those days, to be worn on stage), and her younger brother Larry with a […]

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Good Girls Gone Bad Collection

Great Girls Gone-Bad: Crazy, Strange & Desired, rockabilly Good Women Gone-Bad: Crazy, Strange & Desired (1955-1968) – an accumulation of documents, rockabilly women performers. Women that are great do not usually desire to be occasionally all, although poor of a… A woman like beat my pumps together with her Footwear high heel shoes like it’s […]

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Janis Martin

Janis Martin, has gained his period shows moniker “the Feminine Elvis”, was created March 27, 1940. It’s among the first ladies in stone (rockabilly woman) and a substantial factor has been created by her to country-music. She was created within Virginia’s town. She currently performed and performed guitar underneath the impact of the tunes of […]

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Miley Cyrus and her antics

In recent years around the person Miley Cyrus has raised a real fuss. A storm of criticism fell upon the young singer right after her candid dancing in a body latex suit for the MTV VMA awards. Why Thong Lady Gaga went unpunished – unknown to science. Little Miley as long and tirelessly proves to […]

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Amy Winehouse’s finest songs

Center that was Winehouse’s belonged to 60s and spruce woman teams, but music was additionally impressed by hip-hop. Here are a few of her tunes that are best. Night that is ’Round Though Amy Winehouse joined the Brit College and was on Gates and management publications alongside S Team 7, her center belonged to groups. […]

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Documentary about David Bowie’s last years

What we learned from the documentary “bi-Bi-si”, dedicated to the most mysterious period in the life of a musician 8 Jan 2017 David Bowie would have turned 70. A year after the death of the great musician “bi-Bi-si” has produced a documentary dedicated to the most mysterious period of his life — the last five […]

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