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Writing Good Thesis Statements

The thesis is often considered as a basis of all good essays. The thesis, which is not a strong, may result in a poor overall paper, so mastering a powerful and efficient thesis is very significant constituent. The thesis has to show the claim of author and, at the same time, direct the development of […]

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Interview with Steve Vai Part 2

When you understand the basic principles of writing music for orchestra, the only limitation may be your imagination. I don’t have to do the things that I write, so writing the music, I can’t restrict my playing technique on various instruments. For example, I don’t need to play on a particular instrument, to imagine how […]

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Interview with Steve Vai Part 1

The Name of Steve Vai, the unsurpassed master of guitar, is widely known among rock musicians. About him and his work you can hear a lot of different opinions. Frank Zappa called him the “little Italian virtuoso”. He was invited to star in the film Crossroads, where he played the role of a guitar virtuoso […]

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Gerald Albright: you should go ahead Part 2

In retrospect, can you name something or someone who left the biggest impression in your soul? The time spent with Quincy Jones, was life-changing. It became a defining moment for me. I had a few records with Quincy during those years. Quincy is not only a master on the part of the right music, but […]

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Gerald Albright: you should go ahead Part 1

Gerald Albright is a unique musician, possessing a variety of instruments, known throughout the world primarily for its excellent playing saxophone. This is a true master of jazz, recognized among musicians of the highest level. Equally comfortable feel on stage and in the studio, Gerald many years of his successful career playing the saxophone Cannonball, […]

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Interview With the Dig

  Set to their conserving that is clear Blood-Shot Tokyo went today seem Goal 18, Inside The Enhance on Weekend. It’s a buildup of ear-worms that solicits the unpredicted, Psych along with thereof Oracular Fantastic Out of its follow up a MGMT blend. Perhaps contain totally calculate, in a splash of The Flaming Lips. Displays […]

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Interview with Matthew Koma Part 2

Which makes lots of feeling. You formerly spoke about benefiting from remixes for “Hard to Love and that I understand you’re a collaborator that was large. You’ve caused Britney-Spears The Scrapes, Bruce Springsteen. Must we expect every other partnerships on approaching singles (that you simply experience you are able to discuss)? Yes, there’s lots of […]

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Interview with Matthew Koma Part 1

Matthew Koma is loved by us at Your Blog. He’s a multiple-expertise: a-master (and GRAMMY-earning) songwriter and DJ. This month since this audio fan is likely to perform two traditional sets nicely, prepare! He’ll be occupying the Resort Restaurant phase on 29th and March 20th, therefore be sure as you still may to get your […]

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