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Most delightful albums Part 2

Marissa Nadler — “July” The universe is never any shortage of folk artists. Who not only came up with the idea to pick up an acoustic guitar and pour out your thoughts and emotional experiences in the form of a quiet intimate songs! All this results in tons of quite the same type of music, […]

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Most delightful albums Part 1

The last year has accustomed us to the fact that the actors made it a rule to release albums suddenly, without warning, and announcements. For this reason bad some joked in his Twitter, the authors of the Internet portal FatNecks: “2025: the main sensation was the album on the release date of which was known […]

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Seven breathtaking music albums

We continue our series of reviews of the latest music releases. In August we have not yet been noticed really loud and important records, but among the things that came out, you can find beautiful music. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lose The new York band delivers third album of noisy, cheeky and unrestrained Groovy rock […]

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Playlist for music lovers Part 2

Artist: Janelle Monet Title of album: The Electric Lady Who is it? Electric lady Janelle Mona makes pop music as it had not been: intelligent, inventive, cutting edge and soulful. The previous record was blown lovers soul it’s a new concept and relaxed ease at the same time. How can it sound? As Prince, Andre […]

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Playlist for music lovers Part 1

Artist: Babyshambles Title of album: Sequel to the Prequel Who are these people? Pure British rock band, in the best sense of the word, led by the extraordinarily talented songwriter and poet Pete Doherty, who is as careless Manager of his team and often by (but then once again not have: although it’s almost never […]

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Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack

OST Only Lovers Left Alive, 2014, the soundtrack to film American movie Only Lovers Left Alive (only lovers left alive, 2014) – slow, brooding, unique and absolutely film. There is practically no plot. As the location of the film is selected it is no coincidence that Detroit and Tangier. Detroit – as the main characters […]

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Music for better focus

The journalist has studied how sounds affect productivity. The study revealed that silence is the best suited for complex mental tasks: “As usual in the office, mostly working in open space. This means that around constantly ringing phones, chatting colleagues, is an interview or a job interview. And even on adjacent floor constantly fixing something, […]

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Wayward Pines Season 1 OST

Soundtrack to Wayward Pines (2015-2016), based on the book of Crouch Blake is a detective and dystopia and adventure and even sci-fi. First, many viewers have drawn Parallels with twin Peaks, but Pine trees are not what they seem. Wayward pines is somewhat similar to the TV series Lost, but it is also definitely not […]

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Songs that shook the world Part 2

BeeGees – Staying alive Of course, you remember the rhythm, which makes you feel life to the fullest! But many do not know that the track was recorded for the disco film “Saturday night Fever”. But it so happened that this song became more popular than the movie for which it was written. After the […]

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