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How to make your essay persuasive

The persuasive essay is the assignment that requires students choose the side they like most in the discussion and use the reasonable info to defend it. One has to do a lot of preparation work before writing in order to present factual information for support own viewpoint and make it look persuasive for the exact group of readers. Persuasive writing is a necessary skill to master, as you will have to use it throughout the studies. Hence, you have to learn how to write a persuasive essay adequately, and the following tips will be of great help to you.

•          If you were not assigned a topic, be sure to pick the one you like. You have to connect to the topic you have picked and be passionate about proving your position right. Thus, it is important to pick the topic that you have a real interest in.

•          Search for the smart topics. It is time to grow up and realize that topics like ‘junk food’ are not the best ones to choose. Look for something more deep and serious. It will let you write a professional work and get a good mark.

• Pick a position. When you have the topic, which is the problem or the question, you need to understand which side of the argument appeals to you the most. Think why exactly you want to make the certain decision and what influences your opinion. When you realize that, it will be easier to determine the bias you have, and prevent it from ruining your defense.

• Know your readers. Brainstorm a while and try to see on what stances would readers agree or disagree with your position, and why they would do that. If you want to win the argument, it is crucial to understand why both sides of the issue are reasonable or not.

•          Research the chosen topic. You may know the issue well, but that is not enough to build a bulletproof evidence wall your readers will not be able to break. Look for the data on the topic, and find the evidence that supports both your side and the opposing one.

• Think of all possible opposing points. As you will have to refute the opposing viewpoint in the essay, it is crucial to see what kind of evidence there may be against yours. If there are not so many against arguments, see if your topic is really that debatable. In case there are too many of them, rethink the side choice or think whether you can be persuasive enough to refute something that powerful.

•          Make sure you can manage. As you have certain word limits set by the teacher, it is important that you choose the topic that will be narrowed down enough to make your essay adequate. You will most likely be asked to write a 5-paragraph essay, which means that broad topics do not fit.

•          Structure the essay.  Take a look at any essay templates to outline the paper. Think of the evidence you will use and the spots you will place them at.

•          Be credible. Use facts to persuade readers. Your statements must have a solid ground to be taken seriously. Use the info from the books and articles you have read, but make sure not to copy it in order to avoid plagiarism.

•          Introduce the topic. Write a hook and provide some basic information about the topic. Remember to include a thought-out thesis statement with the points that will be used to support your point.

•          Use body paragraphs to expand on the supporting points. Include two or three for and at least one against the argument.

•          The conclusion is your final chance to persuade the readers. Do not lose the opportunity and show why at the end your opinion is the most logical one.

•          Take a break and revise. Make a 1-24 hours break and reread the persuasive essay you have prepared. It will help you take a fresh look at the paper, and see whether there is something you need to change.