12 facts about Marilyn Manson

And no, we will not tell where the pseudonym of the musician came from

Marilyn Manson – a scandalous rocker, blasphemer, a lover of shock and shocking or a thin and thoughtful person, a real artist? On the eve of the Kiev concert we tried to understand the personality of the cult musician, actor and artist with the help of 13 facts from his biography. And no, we will not tell where the pseudonym of the musician came from.

  1. Childhood of Manson

Brian Hugh Warner, whom we now know as a shock rocker and an active fighter against the religion of Marilyn Manson, was a religious boy in his childhood. He went to a Christian school, attended the church and was interested in studying the Bible. The young man wrote poems and stories and prepared himself for the career of a journalist. One day he even interviewed Trent Reznor, leader of the Nine Inch Nails group for one of the music publications.

  1. Friendship with Trent Reznor

At the time when Manson met Reznor, he already had his own band Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. Like Nine Inch Nails, she performed industrial. The musician gave to listen to his notes to a more experienced colleague and received an encouraging response. Moreover, Reznor called on young performers to warm up their team on the tour and came up with a charismatic frontman, and put the rest of the musicians in the shadows. He also agreed to become the producer of the group’s debut album, which was called Portrait of an American Family (1994). So Reznor can be considered the musical godfather of Manson.

  1. Relations with the father

The real father of the musician, furniture merchant Hugh Warner, was always his best friend for his son. It was he who introduced the boy to shock rock when he took him to a concert of his favorite band Kiss. Then Bryan was only 11 years old. Hugh was a support for the future musician, supported his son even in the most controversial deeds, and once, already in his old age, was photographed with him in the same makeup. A few days ago, Hugh did not. Manson left a message on his page: “Today I lost my father, Hugh Warner, he taught me to be a man, a fighter, to survive.” He taught me how to shoot, drive, lead people. father in the world, somehow, somewhere, but I know that he is with my mother now, I will keep my promise and never let you down. I miss you and love you, Dad. ”

  1. Manson and his favorite ring

The ring with the pentagram that Manson wears is often interpreted as a sign of his adherence to Satanism. In fact, this is not so. The accessory really demonstrates the commitment of the rocker, but not to the religious stream, but to the horror film “Heart of the Angel” (1987). In the sensational tape, Robert de Niro played the part of Lucifer, and a similar ornament was part of his costume. Manson borrowed a spectacular accessory for his image.

  1. Manson at the cinema

By the way about cinema. Manson often and with pleasure is removed. Mostly in episodic or background roles. And the first feature film in which he played, was the cult thriller David Lynch “Highway to Nowhere.” The role was very short and was called “Pornstar number 1”. And last year on the screen came the drama “Let me make you a martyr,” Manson got the role of a hired killer named Pope. By the way, in English this name is spelled Pope – just like the Pope. In general, again a reference to religion.

  1. Manson in the series

Recently, Manson is increasingly seen in the series. He appeared in the final season of California’s “Prodigal” (having played himself, of course), voiced the character “Once in a Tale,” and in “Sons of Anarchy” for a musician wrote a separate character – the racist Ron Tally. The most unexpected role for the musician was a nameless waiter on rollers in the sitcom “At the bottom.” All that Manson needed for this comedic role is to wash off the make-up and paint the picture in the frame, while the main characters decide whether to divorce or not.

  1. Passion for painting

In addition to music and cinema, Manson is also engaged in painting. His first solo exhibition was called the same as the album of 2003 – The Golden Age of Grotesque. One of the elderly visitors of the exhibition compared the work of a musician with the fruits of art therapy of a patient in a psychiatric hospital. Critics also do not praise Manson’s painting, but he does not care about it – he does what he likes. Some of the work he puts up for sale to his fans and collectors.

  1. Nominal absinthe

Another direction of the musician’s stormy activity is the production of alcohol. As a big fan of a strong drink of absinthe, in 2007 Manson released the brand name Mansinthe. The strength of this absinthe was of course 66.6 degrees. At the world competition in San Francisco, he even won a gold medal.

  1. Manson and Katy Perry

American pop singer Katy Perry, like Manson, grew up in a religious family (Cathy is the daughter of two Protestant pastors). Recently, the singer admitted that as a child she accompanied her parents to picket a shock rocker concert. But, seeing his work on the stage, completely changed his attitude. “It was interesting and strange, but I understood everything!”, The pop star confessed.

  1. Favorite animal

Manson’s favorite animal is a cat. Once in an interview he even said that he loves cats more than women. Moreover, the musician admitted that he would have moved with pleasure to the country where the cats would have been presidents. The musician himself for a long time lived a white Devon rex cat named Lily White.

  1. Manson and the US presidential election

By the way, at last year’s US presidential election, Manson spoke both against Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton. “I do not like any of the candidates… I do not want to participate in this fragment of history as a voter,” he said then. Moreover, in the roller-teaser of the upcoming album, he beheaded a man very much like Trump. And, of course, I tore up another Bible.

  1. Title of the new album

Manson’s new album, the release of which is planned for this year, was originally planned under the name Say 10. The title hints at the endless confrontation between the rocker of the official church and religion as a whole. In the title track, there’s even a line You say God and I say SAY10, which is perceived by hearing, like: “You will say God, but I’ll say Satan.” But in the process of work the musician changed his mind and gave the future plate the name Heaven Upside Down, that is “Paradise upside down.”

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