3 unusual rap albums

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While the world rap charts takes the material too intellectually compromise or radio-friendly in the first summer month has published several releases where the artists stick to their line. And receive well-deserved attention.

Your Old Droog – EP

New unknown rapper was unexpectedly appearing on various music sites: it seems to be a common situation for the media in which the hunt for new hyponymy artists — everyday work. But too high a quality material for your debut album, and too much evidence that this is, perhaps, the alter-ego of the legendary NASA, the twentieth anniversary of whose first album was celebrated hip-hop lovers this year. About the Scam shows a similar timbre, perhaps slightly modified during processing, and high style rhyme. Anyway, if this is a good attempt to freshen up his career or indeed a new name, the arguments are still: in any case, this is a solid work, with almost no walk-through rooms, classic but fresh hip-hop, masculine, but elegant. New York, New York.

Death Grips – Niggas On The Moon

Death Grips — this is, of course, rap is conditional, purely on the fact of the recitative, and the type is very removed from the traditions of mainstream hip-hop. But in this avant-garde electronic band, founded by one of the best modern rock drummers Zach hill, who decided to change the vector of his creative development (by the way, at concerts he regularly plays on the drum set — and, without exaggeration, amazing). Also, writing “the vanguard group”, I had this in mind: the hearing will not be easy, but enriching your understanding of (here everyone has their own version). If this music is rooted in contemporary art, they are no less than extreme rock music or noise electronics. For example, the newfound object, which the artists picked and sliced into a collage of the album, was the recording of the voice of the singer björk. Amazingly, it seems that the aggressive, paranoid, apocalyptic music needed this item: rare notes Icelander, chopped and looped, accentuate the explosive energy of Death Grips.

The group is very prolific, but this release does not include extra album seems more introspective and thoughtful, which may not be a compliment for musicians.

Krip-A-Krip, DJ Slow – Mix-A-Mix

One of the most talented and disorderly votes of Russian hip-hop (stress hip-hop) released mite that, in fact, is a collection of non-album tracks verses with singles and duets, as well as freestyles. What is special about Triple? The fact that he’s a real rhyming machine and makes the rap, rather than reading poems, barely falling into bits. He makes real new York style, with the amendment to the Kupchino district of St. Petersburg. This is the type for which no shame before the Americans. The strength of the release is that for many can go in the negative: Studio verse can suddenly be interrupted by a drunk freestyle on the phone, which was a famous performer. In this wet felt the energy, the obsession with his art, which is the day the fire from the Russian executors will not find.

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