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The autumn musical season, and major releases are still ahead of us. But we can’t ignore these four albums, recently appeared on the light.

4 positions of Bruno – Do it

At the Ekaterinburg trio, doing the funky psychedelic electronics in the world, 2014 – probably the most productive and just the best year in his career. First – epic song album, “I ordered,” then – luxury EP “Sour Milk Fee”, and at the end of the summer they took and gave four things that make the EP, “Do so.” The song “Positions” – a case special, are no longer writing one. Four brand hit songs, made into a viscous psychedelic sound, sung with incredible power and anguish and tells about things totally unimaginable, simultaneously funny, scary and eerily real. Words are not enough no, it needs to hear. These four songs we drove in respite for a week when suddenly the same people have released this:

Bird – Eating- Good feeling

“Bird Eat” side-project “positions”, well-known and popular, perhaps even more than the actual position. It is exceedingly funny hip-hop, read from the faces of the downtrodden. At least, that was the first two albums: the participants of the project wrote a very action-Packed and unpredictable in terms of plot tracks from face school suckers, the unfortunate Gopnik, office plankton, exhibitionists, there was even a track about addiction, secretive an affair with a 68-year-old woman for medicines that she prescribed at the clinic. On their third and final album, the project has entered the territory of the “Position” the subjects acquired a distinctly infernal shades, and beleaguered heroes from the passive state went on the attack. Starring – Obernik with the manners of a bloody dictator, avant-garde musician who plays the old woman, a misanthrope who intends to collect all the animals and go to war on people… Each of them wants to change the world, make it better – at least it seems so to him. As in the case of “Positions,” words can’t Express all the beauty, so we stop and present a chance for you to enjoy.

Blonde Redhead – Barragán

This is the legendary trio consisting of Japanese women and the two brothers-the Italians in the public eye for 21 years: in 1993 they released their debut album, where it sounded dirty and heavy guitar rhythms got lost and walked by themselves, and the texts prophesied about the impossible love and sex. Since then they have released many albums of very different kinds: from frenzy of noise rock, they gradually passed into a dense and dramatic indie-rock, then to a drowning man in a soft and lengthy guitar SUGIZO, then slow down Nordic disco. But the essence has always remained the same, and kept her voice of vocalist Kazu Makino, which has no analogues in the nature: timid, gentle, indescribably lovely. All the more strange that on the new album, a considerable part of the vocal parts given to the male voice – rather, I should say, ordinary, though enjoyable. That’s the only negative of this album, otherwise it is a perfect autumn record. Thin, delicate, neat, rustling under the ear quiet electronics, the mesmerizing picturesque of string, gaping voids of sound, against which every sound seems somehow special, beautiful and important.

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Karen O – Crush songs

Karen Oh – girl scandal, the girl air, the vocalist of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, one of the most important groups is zero. This new York trio has made a name for himself in heart-rending and headstrong garage rock, sunk into the minds of millions several hits, try on trendy electronics and the pace is perfectly preserved by 2013, issuing their fourth album, “Mosquito”, which was all good. Well, now it’s time for the long awaited solo release of their official web site. Showed herself in the form of a collection of recorded home songs – hissing voice recorder, a vague tapping, dirty acoustic guitar and voice, 14 short songs about unrequited love – in fact everything.

Such a feature could deter – of such records in our time has become so much that a dump load. But not in this case. Reasons to listen to this recording. First, Karen Oh has a very outstanding songwriting talent, her songs are touching, sensitive, instantly remembered, sink into the brain and cause a desire to listen to them again and again. Well, the second reason is her voice. Her voice is so good that we always have goosebumps running as soon as we will salesmen. Her voice can Express the finest shades of love experiences. Her voice is LOVE ITSELF. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are in no sense exaggerated, and for these words, ready to stand up. Again, that all remembered. Karen’s voice Oh – this is love.

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