Album: Christina Aguilera


What can be the greatest happiness for the music lover than the release of the new album of your favorite artist? That’s why I fly on the wings from the news that on June 8, Christina Aguilera released his new eighth Studio album “Bionic”. Meanwhile, the first single from the LP is already available.

“Not myself tonight” performed in the style of electro-pop: catchy, playful, and very dance club. The Aguilera had already been attempts to pile something in this fashion style today, when the greatest hits album “Keeps gettin better” 2010 appeared four bonus tracks. This “Genie 2.0” – the famous “Genie in a bottle” in electro-machining, “Keeps getting better”, “Dynamite” and “You are what You are” (Remix of “Beautiful”). We are waiting to live.

In addition, waiting for the first works Christina in “Burlesque”, the output of which is tentatively scheduled for the end of November this year. It’s the soundtrack to it. Partners Aguilera on the set of steel cheer, Kirsten bell, Cam Gigandet (twilight vampire James) and Stanley Tucci (“the Lovely Bones”).

The entire discography I have already written once 2 years ago. Since then, the list has become literally a couple of paragraphs “Keeps gettin better” in 2010, and the eponymous hit with him. Among the joint works may be noted “Stepping out with my baby”, a duet with Tony Bennett at the Grammy awards in 2008 and “Live with me” with the Rolling Stones.

During a break in 2008, Christina and her husband Jordan Bratman born son Max Liron. Well, in General it is remarkable that she has never been involved in any dirty scandals.

So funny the boy In January it 2 years were executed.

I’m sure the new album will be a hit because Christina has style and flair. As a fan of the tenth year, I saw how she grew and became a real superstar. With every album she’s changing, experimenting, and always sets some fashion. This is probably a big plus when an artist releases an album with some interval. In the case of Aguilera or three of her most successful Studio work out with a break of 3-4 years. Quality! Personally I do not like when artists at the peak of success begin to whittle two albums a year.