Are passenger flight logs public?

Are passenger flight logs public?

Aside from military and government sensitive flights, flight information collected by the FAA is considered public information because taxpayers pay for air traffic controllers, runways, towers, and other resources utilized by both commercial and private pilots.

What is the minimum time that an aircraft owner must keep a record of routine maintenance?

Section 91.417(b) requires records of maintenance, alterations, and required or approved inspections to be retained until the work is repeated, superseded by other work, or for one year. It also requires the records, specified in § 91.417(a)(2), to be retained and transferred with the aircraft at the time of sale.

What appendix in FAR Part 43 covers the minimum inspection requirements on an aircraft?

14 CFR Appendix D to Part 43 – Scope and Detail of Items (as Applicable to the Particular Aircraft) To Be Included in Annual and 100-Hour Inspections.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and records of an aircraft engine?

Responsibilities. 14 CFR part 9 1, section 9 1.4 17 states that an aircraft owner/operator shall, keep and maintain aircraft maintenance records. 14 CFR part 43, sections 43.9 and 43.11 state’that maintenance personnel, however, are required to make the record entries.

When work is performed on an aircraft that necessitates the use of FAA Form 337 who should prepare the form?

The person who performs or supervises a major repair or major alteration must prepare FAA Form 337. The form is executed at least in duplicate and is used to record major repairs and major alterations made to an aircraft, airframe, powerplant, propeller, appliance, or a component part thereof.

What is the primary advantage of placing an aircraft on a progressive inspection system?

What is the primary advantage of using the progressive inspection system for inspecting an aircraft? Less down time at one time for the aircraft.

What shall be used when performing maintenance on an aircraft or engine?

(a) Each person performing maintenance, alteration, or preventive maintenance on an aircraft, engine, propeller, or appliance shall use the methods, techniques, and practices prescribed in the current manufacturer’s maintenance manual or Instructions for Continued Airworthiness prepared by its manufacturer, or other …

What is a major repair on aircraft?

Major Repair: A repair that fits one or more of the following: Might appreciably affect airworthiness by changing weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, or flight characteristics if improperly done; or.

What are two things you are permitted to do on an aircraft as an A&P?

A person working under the supervision of [an A&P] may perform ……As an owner/operator, you’re permitted to:

  • Change engine oil.
  • Replace fuel and oil filters.
  • Service spark plugs.
  • Service hydraulic fluid.
  • Service battery.
  • Lubricate just about anything.
  • Change tires and tubes.
  • Grease wheel bearings.

Who may approve an aircraft for return to service after an annual or a major repair or alteration?

(b) The holder of a mechanic certificate or an inspection authorization may approve an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part for return to service as provided in Part 65 of this chapter.

How is an aircraft returned to service?

An Approval for Return to Service is a documentation in your aircraft’s logbook with the signature and certificate number of the person approving your aircraft for return to service. It is a written certification that tells you whether or not the aircraft is airworthy and ready to fly.

How long does the airworthiness certificate of an aircraft remain valid?


What constitutes a major repair?

Major repair means a repair: (1) That, if improperly done, might appreciably affect weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, flight characteristics, or other qualities affecting airworthiness; or.

What repairs can a mechanic perform on a propeller?

Some maintenance and minor repairs in this category are the removal of minor nicks, scratches, small areas of surface corrosion, painting, and minor deicer boot repairs.

Can a certified mechanic holding a P Rating perform inspections on propellers?

(b) A certificated mechanic with a powerplant rating can approve and return to service a powerplant or propeller, or any related part or appliance, of an aircraft with a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category after performing and inspecting a major repair or major alteration for products that are …