Avril Lavigne’s new album

Motherfucking Princess has released a new album named after himself – Avril Lavigne. He went out on 5 November, although as much as 3 single began to appear in May.

Began with the song “Here’s To Never Growing Up”. Her Avril wrote along with her husband, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. The message is clear from the title of the track, the Canadian singer doesn’t want to grow up. “This song is about the desire to be forever young! No matter what age you are, it’s a condition of the soul and mind. And I certainly don’t want to become an adult, so a lot of the songs on the album about it”.

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Yeah see, honey, see. At almost 30 jump in teenage things, like at the school disco, always smeared with black shadows and pink strands of hair in the hair want not every. The appearance of heels in one Luka made was surprising, but plaid pants immediately smoothed impression.

The album has a completely unexpected collaboration Fairy clink-Clank of the Big Rock-n-roll – Avril – his most that neither is the Dark Lord. Yeah, Merlin Manson, I almost choked on some tea and reread several times news. It turned out that the guys even talked in all these years, so apparently Merlin to refuse cooperation was uncomfortable, that was a joint song “Bad Girl”. Well no wonder they say that the King of Darkness in my life a kind-hearted man.

Not without its creative Union with her husband singer – Chad. Fresh song “Let Me Go” revolves on all music channels and is very reminiscent of the numerous ballads of Nickelback. Although it is argued that it is written jointly, but the steady hand of captain Kruger (sorry, could not resist) is felt “in every line, in every point”. Well, right, I also think that the man of the house should be the priority.

Experimental track on the album is presented “Hello Kitty” in honor of his blatant electronic sound. Song dedicated to the most Kitty, a fan of which, it turns out, is Avril for a long time. But it sounds this experiment in the context of the album completely artificially. Like Lavigne decided “not to lag behind of fashion” and went and pretended to be suddenly Keisha… so right off the bat.

But if in General the plate is not integral. Here Avril played with the style of Nickelback a couple of songs, that once showed “goat” with Manson to the satisfaction of their ambitions “bad girls”, but paid tribute to the ubiquitous electro style and ardent Japanese fans. But she managed not to change ANYWHERE. The same vocals, the same make, the same melodic techniques – the image was exactly on the same level as the past 10 years. Musicians such as they can – month’s, looking for new sounds, change the team disguise themselves in the meat, finally! And some, apparently, and so “not bad food”. If you are a hardcore fan, buy the album – there is exactly the same months, but with a different garnish. If you wait for the revelation to the wrong address.

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