Bruno Mars “Gorilla”

Something the last time the stars pulled in the act. Apparently, given the rapidly spreading across the globe the web Internet TV channels, radio and other freedom music world, we have to go to desperate measures not only for the acquisition, and in particular, to maintain popularity. What we have their bestseller? Of course, sex! So Bruno Mars have long feared what we please, and took and section beautiful Frieda Pinto. And he tried, and around the pole and arranged to whirl. Directed by Cameron Duddy couldn’t find the perfect strip club for your taste, so I had to… to build a new one. He also argues that poor Pinto almost suffered from that stinging droplets poured directly into her lovely head. Apparently, Providence has decided to forgive Frida episode of debauchery for her former role prude-girls-beauties. Here sit and wonder whether all the blame for the courses of pole dance, or understudy…

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And then there is much to reflect on the concept of the video, when the lyrics could not be promotes: “You and me making love like gorillas”. Bruno helped in the writing of the revelation star tales Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine. It turns out the song “Gorilla” was written first and set the mood of the entire new album of Mars. The main critic of Billboard described the song as “an ambitious arena-rock sex jam”. Hard to imagine, but if you ever hear – or rather not say. Yet the peak position in the charts – 22, but clearly not tonight.

Yeah, what’s redneck, it’s really good! Sings Bruno, as always, amazing, song is good, the figure of Frida – saliva, what else is necessary? Turned out, it was hot, but not gone. But if you do not feel the difference, here’s cursed video of Rihanna on the same subject.

And now enjoy video Gorilla. And notice – it’s better not to think about how in provincial strip bar somewhere in the heart of Havana, she works in a pricey set of Agent Provocateur, who gave her permission almost to burn, and then almost drown with all the facility to hook up with a talented musician, and where there is dibs on electric showers. Because in this situation your brain is the enemy of healthy sexual desire.

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