Can a chartered accountant join Indian Army?

Can a chartered accountant join Indian Army?

A qualified Chartered Accountant is most welcomed in Government Service, Public Sector undertakings etc. You can take Combined Defense Services Exam (CDSE) conducted by UPSC for opportunities in defense altogether,Also can take recruitment process of SSB. You need minimum of 50% marks in all subjects.

How do I get into IDAS?

IDAS Exam Eligibility Criteria 2021:

  1. Degree from Central, State or Deemed University.
  2. A degree obtained through correspondence education or distance.
  3. A degree from a free university.
  4. A qualification recognized by the Government of India which is similar to either of the above.

What is IDAS officer?

IDAS officers are Group-AThe gazetted civilian officers under Government of India, Ministry of Defence. They are primarily recruited through the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commisiion (UPSC) every year.

Which is highest post in IAS?

Cabinet Secretary

What is CDA in army?

CDA (Army) Meerut is an integral part of Defence Accounts Department, headed by Controller General of Defence Accounts, functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Defence. The office of the CDA (Army) Meerut came into existence on 01/01/1995 after the reorganization of CDA (CC) and CDA(ORs) North Meerut.

How do I join the CDA army?

for working with CDA, you should appear for CDS Entrance Examination conducted by UPSC. For starters, you need to be between 20-24 years for being eligible. Candidates who are in their final year of graduation or have completed graduation can appear for this Entrance Examination.

What is full form CDA?

CDA: Communication Decency Act.

Who is the CDA of Indian army?

CGDA is the cadre controlling authority of the Indian Defence Accounts Service , an organised Group ‘A’ Civil Service of Government of India. Currently there are total 23 Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (PCDA) and Controller of Defence Accounts (CDA) under Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA).

Who is current CGA?

Soma Roy Burman

How do I become a Cgda auditor?

If you are posted in departments like Local audit of Army and Air Force, you may have to do fieldwork as well. Another good thing is that after completing 2 years of continuous services you can write an SAS exam if you pass that exam then you will be promoted to section officer (Accounts).

What is cash assignment?

(iii) Cash Assignment: In the case of Defence Disbursing Officers who are allowed. to draw funds by cheques for their disbursements, assignment of funds are. arranged with specified treasuries by the Controllers of Defence Accounts in. favour of such officers. These are called Cash Assignments.

Who is Pcda SC Pune?

The Defence Accounts Department has its presence in Pune since 1864, PCDA(SC) heritage building is located at No. 1 Finance Road, opposite the Pune GPO since 1835. It is one of the premier organisations of Defence Accounts Department. Mahesh Khumkar, Additional Controller of Defence Accounts at PCDA (SC).

What is Defence proforma account?

Defence Proforma Account. The balances of the Defence Services have been created proforma in the books of RBI. These balances form part of the balances of Central Government for regulating ways and means arrangements.

Who is responsible for making correct payment and accounting in Defence?

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, Bangalore: The Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (PCDA), Bangalore – one of the largest offices of the DAD – is responsible for making payments to the Army units/formations in Karnataka and Goa, Defence PSUs such as HAL, besides disbursing pay and …

What is the role of Cgda?

As the Principal Accounting Officer for Ministry of Defence, the CGDA furnishes necessary information for the Appropriation Accounts to the Ministry of Defence. It ensures proper accounting of all such expenditure from the Defence Budget.

What is Defence audit?

Mandate and Charter of Audit. The Defence Accounts Department, headed by the Controller General of Defence Accounts is mandated to carry out internal audit of all expenditure and receipts besides accounting and payment functions.

What is the role of auditing in armed forces?

Military expenditure is subject to audit, similar to that of any other government department. Such checks are essential to guard against wasteful expenditure. CAG has generally done a good job and kept a watchful eye on government’s profligacy and violation of rules.

Who is fads in Ministry of Defence?

1. Finance Division in the Ministry of Defence deals with all matters having a financial implication. This Division is headed by Secretary (Defence Finance) (SDF) / Financial Adviser (Defence Services) (FADS) and is fully integrated with the Ministry.

What is IDAS in civil services?

The Indian Defence Accounts Service [IDAS] is a group “A” gazetted central civil service of the government of India. It is the oldest department under the government of India. The IDAS officers are responsible for maintaining the complete accounts of the Defence Services.

Who is the Cgda of India?

भारत सरकार | रक्षा मंत्रालय | GOVERNMENT OF INDIA | MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

SlNo Name Designation
1 Shri Rajnish Kumar OFFICIATING CGDA (Presently Addl. CGDA, holding additional charge of the CGDA)
2 Shri Alok Chaturvedi Addl CGDA (AC)
3 Shri Avinash Dikshit Addl CGDA (AD)
4 Shri Praveen Kumar Sr.Jt. CGDA (Admin/HRD)

Who is the newly appointed Cgda?

S K Kohli

What is SAS exam in Cgda?

FOR ADMISSION TO THE SUBORDINATE ACCOUNTS SERVICE (SAS) IN. DEFENCE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT. RULE 1: PERIODICITY. An examination for admission to the Subordinate Accounts Service will normally be held in selected centres fixed by the CGDA. CGDA will notify the calendar of examination in advance.

Who is CDA Patna?

ANKIT PANDEY – Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts, CDA Patna at Government of India – Government of India | LinkedIn.