Can I clean on Chinese New Year Eve?

Can I clean on Chinese New Year Eve?

Make sure you clean up and throw out your trash BEFORE midnight. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait till the second day of the new lunar year. Cleaning of any kind on the first day is strictly forbidden. Don’t even wash the dishes.

What shouldn’t you do on Chinese New Year?

Don’t: Swearing, saying words with negative meanings (e.g. death, poverty, ghosts) and bad-mouthing are things not to do on Chinese New Year as they will bring you bad luck all year long. The word “sì” for “4” is also considered a bad word since it sounds similar to “death” in Chinese.

Why should you not eat chicken on New Year’s Day?

Be sure to hold on to this year’s good luck by avoiding eating chicken, turkey, and other winged fowl. Another good reason to not eat chicken or turkey on New Year’s Day is because these creatures scratch backward in the dirt, which is thought to symbolize dwelling on your past and preventing progress in the New Year.

Is it bad to cry on New Year’s Day?

Save your tears for another day, because crying on New Year’s Day could set a year of sadness in motion. If you want to keep with Southern tradition, eating black-eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day will supposedly bring good luck and prosperity, respectively, in the months ahead.

Is it bad luck to do housework on New Year’s Day?

In some cultures, it is also claimed that whatever a person does on the first day of the year they will be doing for the next 12 months, so doing any chores will essentially bring with it a year of hard work. Others claim that doing any washing of clothes or dishes around the New Year will wash away all your good luck.

Why do we eat pork on New Year’s?

The Pennsylvania Dutch, as well as many other cultures, believe eating pork on New Year’s Day brings good luck because pigs root around with their snouts in a forward motion. (We want to move forward, not backward in the new year). So, our suggestion is if you want to have luck in ’20, eat some pork and sauerkraut.

Why do Southerners eat pork on New Year’s Day?

Besides loving pork all the time, Southerners celebrate New Year’s by eating ham and other pork products because the animal has long been considered lucky. Along with the possible Civil War story, people consider pigs to be an animal of “progress.” For some, the specific cut of pork may turn visitors off.

Do you eat pork on New Year’s Eve or Day?

Start the New Year with these lucky southern food traditions Many cultures and countries have particular “lucky” foods, and the Southern United States is no exception. Greens, pork, and cornbread, as well as black-eyed peas, cowpeas, or beans, are some of the typical symbolic foods served on New Year’s Day.