Can nitrate spontaneously combust?

Can nitrate spontaneously combust?

Although some believe that nitrate can spontaneously ignite if it is stored for a long time in very hot and dry conditions, no-one has ever been able to prove this for sure and suspected incidents are rare. Almost all fires begin after a reel has been ignited by another source, usually involving human error.

Does nitrate film spontaneously combust?

This film is flammable, and produces its own oxygen supply as it burns. Nitrate fires burn rapidly and cannot be extinguished, as they are capable of burning even under water. Under the right conditions, nitrate film can even spontaneously combust.

When did they stop making nitrate film?


Are old negatives dangerous?

Long considered the most dangerous properties of aging nitrate film are its volatile characteristics. So we take care to prevent the interaction of decomposing cellulose nitrate with nearby susceptible objects. Yet chemical products of deteriorating negatives can be dangerous to individuals as well as to objects.

Are old film reels dangerous?

Although nitrate film was discontinued in the 1950s, it could destroy your whole family legacy if it’s left in your collection. This old film is an extreme fire hazard and gives off harmful gas that can damage other home movies and photos.

Does nitrate film Burn?

When it catches fire, nitrate film will burn fast and hot, is virtually inextinguishable, and if stored in vaults without adequate venting to release pressure, can end with one or more explosions. In addition, the fumes produced when it burns are noxious and can sicken anyone in the vicinity.

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