American Revolution History – Episode 4 – World War

When faced against the American rebels, France and other European Powers, how did Britain gain the upper hand in the American Revolution? Join us for free by clicking here and find out! General George Washington In this podcast we look at how the American Revolution became a truly global war over the years from 1779. […]

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Menticide in the Eastern Bloc – But what does it mean?

The story of Mihail Shipkov is indicative of what happened to many people in communist regimes in the years after World War Two. For his opposition to the government, he was to pay a heavy price – the disturbingly titled “Menticide”. In this article, we conclude the Mihail Shipkov story that was started here and […]

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The Battle of Nis – The True Beginning of the Cold War?

The Cold War between the Soviet Union and United States defined much of the latter half of the twentieth century in international relations. But was the only time that the superpowers actually came to blows when they were allies in World War Two? Mykael Ray explains. An image reflective of the Cold War. Source: Anynobody, […]

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100 years later… The World War One Christmas truce

The Christmas Truce is one of the few positive events of World War One that is still widely remembered today. Here, Rebecca Fachner explains what happened during Christmas 1914, and how soldiers on different sides in the war showed their common humanity. Frohe Weihnachten und glückliches Neujahr (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in German). […]

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