The man who wanted to resurrect George Washington

William Bodkin tells us the fascinating story of William Thornton, the man who wanted to resurrect George Washington after his death.   Humanity has often exhibited a desire to exalt the great individuals of an age; indeed, the study of history itself often lends itself to not just the memorialization of these men and women, […]

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Were the Nazis punished enough? The Nuremberg Trials

Samantha Jones looks at the Nuremberg Trials in a modern context. These trials took place in the aftermath of World War II and sought to condemn those Nazis who had committed some of the most heinous crimes in the history of the world. A Nazi parade. Politics tells us justice is blind, and that it […]

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Why steal? The Nazis, Looted Art and The Monuments Men

The film The Monuments Men in which the likes of George Clooney go in search of Nazi looted art has recently been released. Here, Georgie Broad looks at the history and motives behind this massive Nazi-sponsored art theft.   George Bernard Shaw once said “without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” […]

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The classic Thanksgiving painting – Our image of the week

On Thanksgiving, we look at the classic Thanksgiving painting. Thanksgiving started as a tradition many centuries ago. In fact, it began almost as far back as European colonization of the American Colonies began. The widely-recognized first Thanksgiving is 1621, where settlers at the Plymouth Plantation held a celebration after the crops were delivered successfully that […]

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