Colonial America

The Awful Spring of 1968 – How Martin Luther King, Junior and Robert F. Kennedy were brought ‘together’

We explore the intertwined fates of Martin Luther King, Junior, and Robert F. Kennedy – two men who were linked in tragedy. In the first of two parts, Christopher Benedict starts by considering an awful event in the tumultuous spring of 1968 that brought them ‘together’. Martin Luther King, Junior and Robert F. Kennedy together […]

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The Unknown SAS? World War Two’s Desert Raiders

The Long-Range Desert Group played a fascinating role in desert operations during World War Two, but unlike the SAS, it is largely unknown. Here, Robert Walsh shares the fascinating story… An LRDG patrol during the Desert Campaign. Heavily armed, heavily customized vehicles moving stealthily around the Western Desert, driven by men resembling pirates more than […]

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Cold War People – Episode 13 – Fidel Castro

How did one man inspire a generation of Communist revolutionaries? This podcast tells the story of Fidel Castro. rss feed | iTunes | Cold War page | Other listening options Following our podcast on Brezhnev, we shall be looking at one of the most famous Communist leaders of all time, and almost certainly the most […]

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