Colonial America

Replacing Fear with Faith…

Ever notice that no matter how many times a baby falls down, the little toddler just gets back up. They get back up and stumble and bumble till they figure it out. It’s a good thing we learn to walk as little ones, because if we had to teach ourselves to walk as adults, I’m […]

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Kent State remembered; never forget May 4, 1970

On Monday, May 4, 1970 at 12:24 p.m., the Ohio National Guard open-fired on unarmed college students at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Some of the students were protesting President Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia. In 1968, Nixon had campaigned on a promise to end the war in Vietnam. Then on April 30, 1970, just […]

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What does testis mean in Latin?

What does testis mean in Latin? witness Does Testament come from testicle? The word testicle was borrowed in 1704 so as to be a less vulgar way to describe male reproductive glands. What is the meaning of testify? intransitive verb. 1 : to make a solemn declaration under oath for the purpose of establishing a […]

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Was Connecticut a proprietary colony?

Was Connecticut a proprietary colony? Charter Colonies changed to Royal or Proprietary Colonies Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania remained proprietary colonies under a charter. Connecticut and Rhode Island managed to retain their charters and Massachusetts was governed as a royal province while operating under a charter. Was Connecticut a southern colony? The four New England Colonies […]

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