Was Switzerland neutral or a Nazi ally in World War Two?

Switzerland had a curious position during World War Two. It was officially a neutral country, but that neutrality was not always strictly maintained. Here, Laura Kerr considers how neutral Switzerland really was and how helpful it may have been to Nazi Germany… Switzerland. Three things come to mind: watches, chocolate, and neutrality. And for good […]

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John Tyler – The Accidental President

John Tyler assumed office after William Henry Harrison died. But how would the American Republic react? Would there be anarchy? Or would the system remain strong? William Bodkin explains the story of how John Tyler took office in 1841… A portrait of John Tyler. The president was dead. For the first time in American history, […]

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Cold War History – To the brink of nuclear destruction – From World War 2 to the Cuban Missile Crisis – Part 1: 1945-1962 (Required History)

Do you know why the world came to the brink of nuclear war? Two words – ‘Cold War’. The Cold War was international affairs for the second half of the 20th Century. Nuclear weapons testing, civil wars in all corners of the globe, and the race for economic dominance were all key spheres of the Cold War, […]

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Magna Carta – Then and now

The Magna Carta resulted from a groundbreaking agreement that King John of England submitted to in a very different age. And as we approach its 800th anniversary in 2015, Laura Taylor from the Manorial Counsel tells us more about it… Page 1 of a copy of the Magna Carta. It is currently in the Library […]

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