Nineteenth Century Crime – What really happened?

Crime in the nineteenth century was varied and often driven by poverty. In this intriguing article, Janet Ford looks at a newspaper from the city of Birmingham, England in 1872 in order to deduce the types of crime committed and some possible reasons why it was these crimes that were committed. Crime has always been […]

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The American Midterm Elections in History

The US midterm elections are taking place on November 4, and they are expected to produce some important changes. However, the midterm elections have a long and varied history. Here, Rebecca Fachner tells us about some of the more interesting midterms from the past.   Midterm elections are coming up in the United States on […]

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Syria in a different age – Image of the week

In the first of a regular series, we bring you the first of our images of the day – this beautiful painting!  This image is of Damascus, capital of Syria. It shows The Hamareh (Suk Ali Pasha)  bazaar in Damascus in 1907. In the image we can see the sunlight streaming into the bazaar, as […]

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