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The instrument with a fascinating past – The Banjo

The banjo has a popular place in American culture. But few people know of the instrument’s complex roots. In this article, Reed Parker discusses how a banjo-like instrument was originally brought to the US by African slaves – before being remodeled. And the complex cultural interactions between different groups and the banjo… The Banjo Player, […]

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A Trip into the past with a Pirate

Peter Cornelius Hoof was taken captive by pirates nearly three centuries ago. But Laura Nelson has an intriguing connection to him. Here, she follows on from her first post (link here) and continues to tell Hoof’s intriguing story of capture and life on the high seas.   Of being in prison, Peter said there was […]

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The long-lost words of Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the most high-profile -and private – women of the twentieth century, and her marriage to John F. Kennedy remains the source of intense speculation. While the public rarely heard her voice during her lifetime, letters and interviews released since her death have provided insights into who she was and, as Wendy […]

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