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Take That: New album

This recording of laser-led, emphasis-arranged anthems, constructed around chant- choruses that were large, appears accuracy-tooled for that industry visit that was associated. Because their massively profitable gathering in 2006, boyband that is matured Take which have used an open-door plan vis-a-vis account that is. On the return there have been four of these – Mark […]

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Miley Cyrus and her antics

In recent years around the person Miley Cyrus has raised a real fuss. A storm of criticism fell upon the young singer right after her candid dancing in a body latex suit for the MTV VMA awards. Why Thong Lady Gaga went unpunished – unknown to science. Little Miley as long and tirelessly proves to […]

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Documentary about David Bowie’s last years

What we learned from the documentary “bi-Bi-si”, dedicated to the most mysterious period in the life of a musician 8 Jan 2017 David Bowie would have turned 70. A year after the death of the great musician “bi-Bi-si” has produced a documentary dedicated to the most mysterious period of his life — the last five […]

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Music artists, hiding their faces with masks

They will take the stage and will be at arm’s length from you. You will hear them live, but can hardly see their faces. All because these musicians throw all the forces to envelop his name a mystery, and prefer to act in masks. One of such groups – Italian Duo freak-incognito orchestra The Cyborgs […]

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