The 4 most awesome swords ever…

Swords have been used in all manner of military engagements in history. But which are the best 4 ever? Adrian Burrows (aka Captain Max Virtus) returns to the site and writes a humorous piece in his own inimitable style!   There are three things in this world that are true. The Sun is hot. Water […]

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The Dramatic 1960 US Election – JFK vs. Nixon

The 1960 US presidential election is surely one of the most famous in history. It pitched the glamor of JFK against political heavyweight Richard Nixon. Here, Christopher Benedict looks at the fascinating key areas in the election including JFK’s religion, civil rights, and those TV debates.   You can read Chris’ article on JFK and […]

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Walt Whitman and the American Civil War

Walt Whitman was a famed and much liked nineteenth century poet. Even so, during the American Civil War, he had a number of issues to contend with, most notably when he thought that his brother appeared on the casualty list. Here, C.A. Newberry shares Walt’s Civil War story. Walt Whitman by George Collins Cox in […]

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