Here we recommend you some thematic playlists according to your preferences

4 thrilling music albums

The autumn musical season, and major releases are still ahead of us. But we can’t ignore these four albums, recently appeared on the light. 4 positions of Bruno – Do it At the Ekaterinburg trio, doing the funky psychedelic electronics in the world, 2014 – probably the most productive and just the best year in […]

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Eight good and not so good albums

Without any prelude we present you another edition of our musical review: eight good and not so good albums. Morrissey – “World Peace Is None of Your Business” Under this deliberately provocative title could go album “of the old”, but Steven Patrick Morrissey as 2014 is the year prefers to whine rather than act rashly. […]

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3 unusual rap albums

While the world rap charts takes the material too intellectually compromise or radio-friendly in the first summer month has published several releases where the artists stick to their line. And receive well-deserved attention. Your Old Droog – EP New unknown rapper was unexpectedly appearing on various music sites: it seems to be a common situation […]

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Fascinating music tracks

The return of militant rockers, new release from the main rapper of the planet and other good music we will hear in the coming year. Sleater-Kinney – “No Cities To Love” A trio of beautiful rockers-feminist stopped in the middle of zero, directly after the release of diverse, powerful, loud and melodic album “Woods”. Of […]

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A few curious albums

Aphex Twin – “Syro” From the genius of electronics were reported new records for a long time – the last album came out already in 2001. But here it is September, over London flew a blimp with the logo of a musician, and soon after went out into the world a new album of Richard […]

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The five most coolest albums

Parse notable records released in recent years: a triumph “Curry”, shame Thom Yorke, return Afexa Tween and interesting releases from young. “Kurara” – “Archimedes” Without further ADO: “Kurara” recorded their coolest album. Sixth, released 10 years after their debut, “Hello, children,” the “Archimedes” became both the quintessence of all past of the band and a […]

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Summer mood playlist

Digging in the archives, the music correspondent of Culturality found a dozen albums of different genres and eras with one thing in common: for them nice to spend summer days. Young American idiot invented his own genre – “slacker rock”, literally – “slacker-rock”. His songs really well razdelno wandering around the hot streets, or better […]

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10 favorite McCartney songs

From the rich heritage of the group, she left her fans in the form of songs, the vast majority was written by the star author Duo of world music history Lennon/McCartney. At least, that’s exactly what these tracks are the Beatles still subscribe in the brochures, vinyls and CDs. However, fans of the group it […]

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