The Secret Love Life of Great Historical Figures

In today’s world, when you can join any dating site and meet strangers for quick encounters, it may not come as a surprise to see people looking for casual dating. So many people are in an open relationship these days, and they really do not mind exploring new opportunities to engage in intimate relationships with […]

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Menticide in the Eastern Bloc – A shocking tale

The story of Mihail Shipkov is indicative of what happened to many people in communist regimes in the years after World War Two. For his opposition to the government, he was to pay a heavy price – the disturbingly titled “Menticide”. Richard H. Cummings returns to the site (after the podcast based on his book […]

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Drugs Throughout History: Why We Can’t Kick The Habit

Drug use has long been a controversial issue, but the current debates surrounding it are far from new. Drugs have been a part of society for centuries, though a few in particular have, and continue to, spark disputes and clashes despite being household names – albeit illegal ones… Georgie Broad explains. Cocaine Cocaine is the […]

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The Cold War: A War without a Winner

“Did anyone really win the Cold War?” was the question that Samantha Jones asked after the recent shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. After all, many assume that as the USSR collapsed in 1991, the US won the Cold War. Instead, Samantha argues that nobody really won this war. Here she explains why.   […]

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