US civil war

JFK – a delay!

Our podcast on JFK will now be out in mid-April. I think that JFK’s been playing tricks on us as there’s been a few technical issues with the episode..! In the meantime, check out the episode in which JFK plays a major part, the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as all our other podcasts by […]

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Balloon Busters. The daredevils of World War One?

Airplanes evolved at a rapid pace during World War I. With this evolution, came a growing number of daredevil pilots who took great risks. Possibly the most daring of them all were the balloon busters, fearless pilots who did an often forgotten task.   The First World War was unusual in many ways. One was […]

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Is American Independence Day actually on May 15?

Was America’s independence really on July 4? Or was it actually on July 2? Or maybe May 15? Here, William Bodkin looks at John Adams’ life in 1776 and explains why American Independence Day may not really be on July 4…   The beginning of July brings with it the United States of America’s foremost […]

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