Did Athenians and Spartans speak the same language?

Did Athenians and Spartans speak the same language?

Athens, on the other hand, wanted to control more and more of the land around them. This eventually led to war between all the Greeks. ATHENS and Sparta were both Greek cities and their people spoke a common language. In every other respect they were different.

What language did the Athenians speak?

Attic Greek

What written language did the Spartans use?

Doric Greek
Era c. 800–100 BC; evolved into the Tsakonian language
Language family Indo-European Hellenic Ancient Greek Western Doric Greek
Early form Proto-Greek
Writing system Greek alphabet

How tall is a Spartan 4?

6’8-7 feet tall

How old are the Spartan 3s?

As with Alpha, the average age range of the S-III’s was around 4-6 years of age upon recruitment, though again, likely with outliers (Both Katherine-B320 and B312 were, going by their age in 2552, older than the norm upon recruitment.)

What happened to Spartan 3s?

Nine months after they were activated, they were massacred in Operation: PROMETHEUS. All of the three-hundred Spartans deployed on the mission were supposedly killed. The only fire team mentioned for Alpha Company is Team Wolf Pack.

Do Spartan 3s have shields?

The Spartan III soldiers had armor that was similar to the ODSTs. Only Spartan IIs had shields.

What armor do Spartan 3s wear?

mjolnir armour

What armor do Spartan 3s use?

SPI armor

Can Odst become Spartans?

I’ll answer that question. Basically, no, they can’t. The Spartans that completed augmentation went on to get MJOLNIR and became, well, Spartans.

Why do ODSTs hate Spartans?

Because the ODST companies are used to being the top dogs, and the Spartans came and stole all their glory. Due to their augs and armor, they feel like they are cheated out of their former position.

How did buck become a Spartan?

Counting time spent in cryo-sleep, Buck was a 25-year veteran of the Covenant War and served in numerous battles. Following the war, Buck was promoted to SPARTAN-IV and eventually joined Fireteam Osiris, led by Jameson Locke. By August of 2558, he had completed 188 military operations, including 49 full campaigns.