Does conflict of nations cost money?

Does conflict of nations cost money?

Conflict of Nations is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game, where modern global warfare is waged in real-time against dozens of other players, in campaigns spanning days or even weeks.

Does conflict of nations have single player?

No, there isn’t a singleplayer, the only way to play with many bots is to create a room with only 2 players, so there will be you, other player and many bots.

How do you win conflict of nations?

In order to win a campaign in CON, you must be the first to reach the required Victory Point limit. Once a winner has been determined… The game will continue to run until midnight of the current ingame day, allowing the remaining players to conquer more territory and gain more Victory Points.

Is Conflict of Nations online?

Persistent Multiplayer Online player games, and experience scenarios ranging from the cold war all the way to modern global conflicts including terrorist insurgencies.

What does right of way mean in conflict of nations?

Right of way allows players to move units through each other’s territory, including air lifts and refuelling via airports. Caution: If you grant another player Right of Way, and they have infantry units stationed in your territory, they can immediately capture your provinces/cities if they decide to declare war.

How do I make alliances in conflict of nations?

As the leader of an alliance, you can now create and accept Alliance Challenges….In order to create an alliance, open the main game page and click the Alliance button in the navigation bar:

  1. Click the Create Alliance button.
  2. Fill out the details for your alliance.
  3. Click Create to complete the process.

How do you increase morale in a conflict of nations?

You can construct buildings that boost morale. Investment in infrastructure, the construction of bunkers and hospitals will gradually increase population morale. The most dramatic outcome of low morale is insurgency. In order to counter population uprisings, leave a unit behind to boost morale.

How do I logout of conflict of nations?

Unfortunately there is no logout option in the Steam client right now. We can however unlink your account from our side so you can login with the correct account the next time you open the Steam client.

How can rogue state conflict of nations be prevented?

Rogue State is essentially a city or region that has fallen into a state of anarchy. No nation governs it. You can only prevent it by stationing troops in regions where morale is at or below 33%. You need to station enough troops so the chance of insurgency falls to zero.

How do you get more resources in conflict of nations?

Production of all non-gold resources can be increased by:

  1. Annexing occupied cities.
  2. Building arms industries (greatest increase), air bases, and naval bases in cities (which does not increase manpower production)
  3. Building recruiting offices in cities (which only increases manpower production)

How do you heal your units in conflict of nations?

If units lose HP in battle, they must heal in order to have a full HP bar. Ground units only heal in cities and non-city provinces with field hospitals. In cities, units will regenerate at a rate of 1 HP/day with the unit’s health updating every hour unless the player builds a hospital.

How do you repair ships in conflict of nations?

To repair ships, move them to a coastal region and they will gradually heal.

How do you prevent insurgency in conflict of nations?

Number 1, Keep Units In a Low-Morale Province/City: In a war, if you conquer a province/city, the province/city well decrease morale. The lower the morale, the higher the chance a Local Insurgency with attack you. To prevent attacks, after conquering the province/city, order a unit to stay there and increase morale.

What do field hospitals do in conflict of nations?

Field hospitals allow units to regenerate health while not in a city. It is recommended to build military hospitals rather than field hospitals if possible as cities have a 1 HP/day basal healing rate.

What is local insurgency in conflict of nations?

Insurgents are the result of rebellions within a nation. These act as a global threat and are listed as their own nation under the campaign’s ranking. Insurgents can only cause an uprising in cities that have a low morale but if left to fester they will spread to neighboring provinces, conquering and expanding.

How do you get XP in conflict of nations?

Ranks are achieved after earning a sufficient number of experience points. These are gained in several ways, such as by defeating units, conquering cities or provinces, and completing build orders.

What is the highest rank in conflict of nations?

The higher rank a player is, the more levels it will take until they will reach the next rank. There are 30 ranks in the entire game, although all players are currently below rank 25 (brigadier general). Ranks have minimal purpose in-game….Gallery.

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How do you level up units in conflict of nations?

In order to mobilize units, you have to research the required technologies and construct the prerequisite buildings in your cities. Units can be stacked to amplify their strength. Just be aware that stacking too many units will incur a stacking penalty.

Who developed conflict of nations?

Dorado Games