Does Nagi like Kousei?

Does Nagi like Kousei?

In the later parts of the anime, Nagi warms up to Kousei, comforting and trying to make him smile while he was upset. Nagi holds deep respect for Kousei and admires him for his piano playing skills.

Did Kousei confess to Kaori?

At that moment, it could well be that she thinks that it is love for Tsubaki that is driving Kousei’s music. (there is no indication of that in the story however, so it’s only speculation). But after Kousei admits it was Kaori who inspired him during his performance, it becomes clear to her.

Why can’t Kousei hear his piano?

Following a collapse in his mother’s health, Kousei’s style of learning to play the piano was drastically changed. His mother’s death resulted in his inability to hear the pieces he played.

Who is Kousei’s dad?

Takahiko Arima

Does Kaori like Watari?

Kaori confessed her love for Arima in a letter which he received at the funeral through her parents. She said in the letter that she told a lie in April – That she was in love with Watari.

Who loves Kaori?

Kaori Miyazono is the love interest of Kōsei Arima in the series Your Lie in April. She’s a free-spirited violinist who had drawn many criticisms from the judge panel due to her unwillingness to follow the score, but is highly favored by her audience.

Did Kaori like Watari?

Did Tsubaki confess to Kousei?

Tsubaki told Kousei that he loves Kaori, and along with that, she confessed her love. Kousei became conscious who he loves. When Kousei visits the hospital with Ryota, they watch an unexpected scene.

Does Kousei confess?

The thing is, she did confess. However, it was in a letter she sent to be read after her death. In the letter, she admits she knew how close Arima was with Tsubaki, and her feelings for him. So she didn’t step on Tsubaki’s toes, so to speak, she decided to lie and say she was actually interested in Watari.

How old is Kousei?

Kousei Arima
Birthday March 28 (Aries)
Age 14-15 (main series) 16 (coda)
Height 168cm
Status Alive