Does Poland have census records?

Does Poland have census records?

Censuses (counts and descriptions of populations) have been taken by the various governments of Poland, primarily for population studies, taxation, or military purposes. The prime value of census records is for grouping families together.

Where can I get my birth certificate in Poland?

A Birth Certificate can be obtained from the Vital Statistics Office of the appropriate locality.

What port did Polish immigrants leave from?

The major ports of departure for emigrants from Poland were Hamburg and Bremen, but because Hamburg had more agents and advertising in Eastern Europe, it served more Polish emigrants than Bremen did.

How do I get a death certificate in Poland?


  1. Persons who has the responsibility of reporting the death must go to the registry office.
  2. Submit all document needed to register the death.
  3. Once registration is complete, the head of the registry office, at the request of the person reporting the death will issue the death certificate.

How do I apply for a birth certificate in Poland?

You can submit your application at a competent local Polish consular post. Do I have to apply in person? Documents can be submitted in person or sent by post.

Can you get Polish citizenship through grandparents?

Most people whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were born in Poland qualify for Polish citizenship through descent. In essence you need to have at least one ancestor who: Maintained their Polish citizenship until the day of your birth.

How do I get a Polish birth certificate?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. An application submitted at the Polish Civil Registry Offices or Consular Section.
  2. A valid ID or a valid proof of identity.
  3. The documents confirming the relationship to the person for whom certificate is to be issued.
  4. Consular fee.
  5. Retrieval of Birth Certificate Application.

How do I register a birth in Poland?

Every child born in Poland, regardless of the nationality of the parents, should be registered at a Civil Registry Office so that the birth certificate can be drawn up. The birth needs to be notified within two weeks, in the Civil Registry Office (USC) competent for the place of birth of the child.