Does the P 45 nokota have bombs?

Does the P 45 nokota have bombs?

Nokota has better liveries. Both can carry bombs.

Is the Pyro good GTA?

The Pyro is an extremely maneuverable aircraft, having the one of the tightest turning circles and best acceleration of conventional aircraft. With full performance upgrades, the Pyro can be one of the best aircraft in a dogfight.

What is the fastest plane in GTA?

Buckingham Pyro

What is the best plane in GTA 5?

The 10 Best Planes To Buy In GTA Online

  1. 1 Besra. At an affordable price of $1,150,000, GTA fans can purchase the fastest accelerating plane in the game.
  2. 2 LF-22 Starling. One for the fighter pilots.
  3. 3 Dodo. It’s not always about the glamour.
  4. 4 Avenger. The hybrid plane and helicopter.
  5. 5 Volatol.
  6. 6 V-65 Molotok.
  7. 7 Hydra.
  8. 8 Miljet.

Which is faster Lazer vs Hydra?

Lazer imo is all around better but the Hydra is faster, has VTOL, and can spawn on helipads where as the Lazer must be stolen. Hydra, for the convenience of being available at helipads.

What is the cheapest weaponized plane in GTA 5?


  • Cheapest Bunker: $1,165,000 (Paleto Forest)
  • Cheapest MOC: $1,225,000.
  • Weapon & Vehicle Workshop: $955,000.
  • TOTAL: $3,345,000.

Is the B 11 strikeforce worth it?

Yes it does, imho it’s the best dogfighter in the game after the pyro and the best all round jet in the game.

How much is the B-11 in GTA?

The B-11 Strikeforce can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,800,000 , and it can be stored in the Hangar (Personal Aircraft). This vehicle can be customized at the Hangar Aircraft Workshop.

Does the Hydra have unlimited missiles?

Well, you don’t pick the lazer/hydra because of their missiles… I don’t know why so many people comment when they don’t 100% know the answer, as some have said, b11 is 30 missiles and the other two are unlimited.

How much is the Hydra?

How much does the Hydra cost? This is the fun bit. Buying a Hydra will set you back a cool $3 million.

Is the hydra still worth it?

It’s worth it but not if money is tight. I have nearly all air crafts and use the hydra still from time to time. i use it for missions where i have to destroy several targets on the map, have to travel far and have to get out of the vehicle during the mission.

Is the Hydra worth getting?

It’s still great for PvE, but if you’re dogfighting, there are better planes. Its VTOL isn’t what it once was, but it’s still useful. I like mine but use the Deluxo and my Akula more. I feel the hydra is way to slow compared to some other planes.

What is the Hydra jet in real life?

The Hydra is suggestively based on the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing/BAe) AV-8B Harrier II, although the air intake is on the underside of the aircraft and resembles that of a Lockheed F-16.

What jet was used in True Lies?

Grumman G-1159 Gulfstream II Juno’s

Can Arnold Schwarzenegger fly a Harrier?

This is a full scale fiberglass replica of a Harrier Jump Jet. It was originally built for the movie True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ll remember this jet in the final scene where Arnold is flying this jet near the roof top of a Miami high-rise fighting the bad guys and saving his daughter.

Did they use a real Harrier in True Lies?

The producers paid over $100,000 to borrow the Harrier Jump Jets from the US military. True Lies is a high-octane action comedy set in the world of international espionage. To this end, the production forked out for the use of three Marine Harrier Jump Jets, along with their pilots.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger fly in True Lies?

The 1994 movie “True Lies” is a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy flick with several memorable scenes, but perhaps none more iconic than Arnold flying in an AV-8B Harrier to (spoiler alert) rescue his daughter from terrorists.

What Marriott was in True Lies?

The hotel interior was filmed at the historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC. The hotel rooftop scene was apparently trick photography. It looks like a Marriott roof, combined with the Westin Bonaventure towers, and a view of DC.

How did they do the bridge scene in True Lies?

Actually, for the chase, filmmakers utilized the old Seven Mile Bridge, which once supported Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad. The explosion impacted a miniature 80-foot bridge that set designers created off a Sugarloaf Key beach in the Lower Keys.

Did they really destroy the bridge in True Lies?

When you visit the Old Seven Mile Bridge, it may look familiar. It has appeared in several films, most famously the 1994 True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, when the old bridge is shown being destroyed by missile strikes. (The explosion was done on an 80-foot model.)

What happened to the 7 Mile Bridge?

$77 million plan is restoring historic Seven Mile Bridge The Old Seven Mile Bridge closed for repairs in 2016 and is not scheduled to reopen until May 2022. The $77 million project to restore the bridge includes repairs to concrete and steel, a new pedestrian railing, signs and pavement markings.

How much did it cost to make True Lies?

100 million USD