Has anyone made a hole in one on a par 5?

Has anyone made a hole in one on a par 5?

The first occurred in 1962, when Larry Bruce drove into the hole over a stand of trees on the 480-yard dogleg right par-5 fifth hole at Hope Country Club in Arkansas, USA.

What is the lowest PGA score ever?


Who is the most hated PGA golfer?

Rory Sabbatini

What is Tiger’s best score?

Woods made a septuple-bogey 10 on the par-3 12th hole after hitting three balls into the water. It was the highest score of Woods’ PGA TOUR career.

What’s the longest putt ever made?

33.5 m 110 ft

Who holds the record for the longest televised putt?

Sir Terry Wogan

What’s considered a long putt?

On average, how many long putts—by my definition, putts that measure 22 feet or more—does a Tour pro sink in a four-round tournament? If you guessed between three and seven, you’re in good company with most of my golf friends. But the right answer is a measly 1.4 holed putts!

What country did golf originate from?


What is considered a putt in golf?

: a golf stroke made on a putting green to cause the ball to roll into or near the hole.

Can a Caddie stand behind player?

New Rule: Under Rule 10.2b(4): The previous prohibition is extended so that, once the player begins taking a stance for the stroke, and until the stroke is made, the player’s caddie must not deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball for any reason.

What is a putter called when used off the green?

Updated July 05, 2019. “Texas wedge” is a golf slang term for the putter or for any shot from off the green that the golfer chooses to play using a putter.

Can you touch the green with your hand?

You may repair damage on the putting green. without penalty by taking reasonable actions to restore the putting green. as nearly as possible to its original condition, but only: By using your hand, foot or other part of your body or a normal ball-mark repair tool, tee.

Are Texas chippers legal?

According to the USGA, chippers are legal in golf because they are classified as irons. The USGA considers a “long chipper” to be illegal, so the club has to be the length of a 7-iron to a putter.