How did Athens and Sparta work together to defeat the Persian invasions?

How did Athens and Sparta work together to defeat the Persian invasions?

The Greeks decide to join forces to fight the Persian threat. Sparta sends the most soldiers led by King Leonidas. Athens provides the navy. Athenian General Themistocles comes up with a plan to attack Persian ships and cut of the massive army’s supplies.

How did Athens defeat Persia?

However, while en route to attack Athens, the Persian force was decisively defeated by the Athenians at the Battle of Marathon, ending Persian efforts for the time being. Darius then began to plan to completely conquer Greece but died in 486 BC and responsibility for the conquest passed to his son Xerxes.

What brought Sparta and Athens together during the Persian Wars?

Sparta and Athens were brought together as allies due to the Persian invasion of Greece. The Persian emperor, Darius, attempted to take over Greece…

How did the Greeks defeat the Persians?

The Greeks simply wouldn’t accept the idea of being invaded by another country and they fought until they won. Another factor was that by uniting the city-states, particularly the Spartans and Athenians, it created a skilled, well balanced army that was able to defeat the Persians despite their numbers.

What if Persia conquered Greece?

If the Persians conquer Greece, Persian culture becomes dominant in the Eastern Med. This means that Roman generals will be drooling over cataphracts instead of phalanxes and scholars will be spending less time on Homer and more on the Avestas.

What would happen if Persia won?

If Persia had won the Persians wars. Athens would have been burned to the ground and it would have never been rebuild. The ideas and the athletic spirit inspired by the Olympic games would have perished since the Marathon runner would have died in the combat with the Persians.

Who should have won the Persian Wars?

The Greeks won a decisive victory, losing only 192 men to the Persians’ 6,400 (according to the historian Herodotus).

What if the Persians won the war?

What if the Persians had won the Greco-Persian War and achieved their goal to conquer Greece? If the Persian army had won the war against the Greek army, it is highly likely the Persian army would have marched onto the city-states and Athens would have been destroyed and burnt down.

Did Sparta win the Persian War?

Although the Greeks finally beat the Persians in the Battle of Platea in 479 B.C., thus ending the Greco-Persian Wars, many scholars attribute the eventual Greek success over the Persians to the Spartans’ defense at Thermopylae.

Did Sparta fall to Rome?

During the Punic Wars, Sparta was an ally of the Roman Republic. Spartan political independence was put to an end when it was eventually forced into the Achaean League after its defeat in the decisive Laconian War by a coalition of other Greek city-states and Rome and the resultant overthrow of its final king Nabis.