How did Harry die in silent witness?

How did Harry die in silent witness?

He died in the series 16 finale “Greater Love”, when he sacrificed himself to save many others from a terrorist bomb explosion. He briefly appeared in a flashback in the last episode of series 20. Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward) – Series 6–15.

What happened to Nikki’s boyfriend in silent witness?

The new 10-part series of Silent Witness will open with a private jet crash and Emilia reveals that Nikki’s boyfriend Matt suffers a personal loss because of the tragedy.

Why did Clarissa leave silent?

Carr exited the long-running crime series following the season 23 finale earlier this year, when her character Clarissa made the decision to “focus less on the dead and more on the living”.

Why did Richard Lintern leave Silent Witness?

Richard Lintern left Silent Witness this evening after his character Dr Thomas Chamberlain was killed off. The character met his demise in the Lyell after he was killed by a nerve gas which could breach charcoal respiratory suits.

Will there be a season 24 of Silent Witness?

A Silent Witness season 24 release date is yet to be confirmed. However, updates suggest that it will air in early 2021.

Is Tom Ward coming back to Silent Witness?

Silent Witness star Tom Ward has quit the show. His character Harry will depart the forensic crime drama following final two-parter ‘And Then I Fell in Love’, the BBC has confirmed. “We’ll miss him so much and wish him all the best.” Departing Silent Witness star Ward has played Dr Harry Cunningham since 2002.

Why did Thomas die in silent witness?

Much-loved character Dr Thomas Chamberlain, played by actor Richard Lintern since 2014, didn’t make it to the end of the episode, as he was struck by a deadly nerve agent that caused him to choke to death in the lab. It came as Liz Carr revealed she was quitting the show as Clarissa Mullery.

Does Thomas die in silent witness?

The long-running BBC drama, which began in 1996, aired what fans are deeming its most shocking episode yet following the sudden death of Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern). Lintern’s character has been a beloved member of the forensic team at the heart of the series since his arrival in 2014.

Who killed Jenny in silent witness seven times?

When the body of Jenny Shaw is found on the train tracks, a bottle of gin by her side, it is assumed that she has committed suicide. But Alexander suspects that she may have been murdered by her husband Robbie Shaw (a grubby, wild-eyed Stephen Walters).

Is David Caves leaving Silent Witness 2020?

While things don’t look good for Jack at the moment and the BBC’s info for the episode describes his life as ‘hanging in the balance’, there has been no announcement regarding actor David Caves’ departure from the show – so we’re holding out hope he’ll pull though.

Does Thomas die in Silent Witness 2020?

Silent Witness: ‘I can’t cope’ Fans devastated as Thomas Chamberlain dies.

Does Richard Lintern leave silent?

MORE: Meet Silent Witness star Liz Carr’s partner, Jo The team certainly need a new member after the season 23 finale saw both Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr) and Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) leave the series.

Does Jack Hodgson die in silent witness?

Eventually, our protagonists discovered the truth behind all the various mysteries and cover-ups (Doc Brown didn’t do it), and Jack didn’t die. That didn’t mean it was a happy finale, though.

Is there going to be a season 24 of Silent Witness?

Who was silent witness based on?

Silent Witness
Title card (2015–2017)
Genre Crime drama
Created by Nigel McCrery
Starring Amanda Burton William Gaminara Tom Ward Emilia Fox David Caves Liz Carr Richard Lintern Jason Wong

How did Harry leave Silent Witness?

Tom’s much-loved character, Dr Harry Cunningham, will depart this month after 10 years in the BBC crime drama series. Harry will bow out in a two-part episode when he finally makes a go of things with sidekick Dr Nikki Alexander – played by Emilia Fox – after a tortured love affair.

Why did Amanda leave silent?

Why did Amanda Burton leave Silent Witness? Amanda left the BBC One show in 2004. After eight years playing forensic pathologist Sam Ryan, she decided it was “time to move on”. At the time, TV insiders said ITV made her “an offer she couldn’t resist” to portray Commander Clare Blake in The Commander.

How did Leo Dalton die?

Leo died in the Series 16 finale Greater Love, when he sacrificed himself to save many others – including his team – from a terrorist bomb explosion in Afghanistan. He is buried in England, alongside his wife and daughter.

What happened to Tom Ward on Silent Witness?

How long was Amanda Burton in Silent Witness?


Year Title Notes
1996—2004 Silent Witness Series 1–8; 54 episodes; BBC One
1998 The Gift TV Movie; BBC One
1999 Forgotten 3 episodes; ITV
2000 Little Bird TV Movie; ITV

Did Amanda Burton have a stroke?

Viewers will meet her at a time when she’s clinging on to her health and power [she’s recovering from a stroke], and, in the eyes of her family, she has weakened and she senses that there’s a power struggle going on between her children which will develop over the series.

What did Amanda Burton do after Silent Witness?

The BBC drama series Silent Witness is facing the axe after Amanda Burton revealed yesterday she is quitting the central role after eight years. The actress once voted the sexiest on television has been lured by a lucrative deal with ITV to star in Lynda La Plante’s latest police drama The Commander.

Who is Liz Carr married to?

Jo Churchm. 2010