How did Othryades survive?

How did Othryades survive?

Othryades (Ancient Greek: Ὀθρυάδης) and Othryadas (Ancient Greek: Ὀθρυάδας) was the last surviving Spartan of the 300 Spartans selected to fight against 300 Argives in the Battle of the 300 Champions. Ashamed by surviving his comrades, he committed suicide on the field following the battle.

Who won the battle of 300 champions?

The Battle of the 300 Champions, known since Herodotus’ day as the Battle of the Champions, was a battle fought in roughly 546 BC between Argos and Sparta. Rather than commit full armies both sides agreed to pitting 300 of their best men against each other….Battle of the 300 Champions.

Date 546 BC
Location Thyrea, Greece
Result Indecisive

What happened in the battle between Sparta and Argos?

During the 5th century Sparta was one of the largest military powers in the Peloponnese. This is evident through the Spartans victory over Argos in the Battle of the 300 Champions (546 BC) to gain control over the highly disputed territory of Thyrea.

What is the battle of champions?

The Battle of the Champions is the traditional name given to the Battle of the 300 Champions, which pitted Argos against Sparta in 546 BC. It may also refer to: Battle of Champions, a trial by combat fought in 1478 or 1464 between two Scottish clans.

Who won at mantinea?

The battle was to determine which of the two alliances would dominate Greece….Battle of Mantinea (362 BC)

Date July 4 362 BC
Location Mantinea, Arcadia37.6°N 22.4°ECoordinates:37.6°N 22.4°E
Result Theban tactical victory; Both sides claim victory Epaminondas killed End of the Theban hegemony in Greece

Who were the melians?

The Melians are a colony of Lacedaemon that would not submit to the Athenians like the other islanders, and at first remained neutral and took no part in the struggle, but afterwards upon the Athenians using violence and plundering their territory, assumed an attitude of open hostility.

When did the Spartans surrender?

404 B.C.

Where was the battle of mantinea?


Why did the battle of mantinea happen?

After the conclusion of the alliance between the Argives, Achaeans, Eleans and Athens, the humiliation of the Spartans in the 420 Olympic Games and the invasion of Epidaurus by the allies, the Spartans were compelled to move against them, fearing an alliance with Corinth and having amassed an army that was, according …