How do AF1 lows fit?

How do AF1 lows fit?

How do they fit? They’re definitely a bit roomy if you go true to size. You need to go at least half a size down – but if you’ve gone true to size it’s easily fixed with an insole.

Is AF1 true to size?

As we mentioned earlier, the AF1 has quite a lot of space in the toe box, so we would recommend getting your true to size fit if you have wide feet. If you size down, you risk the sides of the toe box rubbing and generally just making the shoe uncomfortable!

What’s a size 7Y in women’s?

Kids’ Shoes

Kids’ Men’s Women’s
6.5Y 6.5 8
7Y 7 8.5
7.5Y 7.5 9
8Y 8 9.5

What is a 7.5 womens in mens?

There is an approximate 1.5 size difference between Men’s and Women’s sizing.

Women’s Sizing 7 7.5
Men’s Sizing 5.5 6

What is a Womens 8 in youth?

A women’s size 8 in kids is a 6 or 6.5 youth shoe size.

What does K mean in shoe size?

DICK’S Sporting Goods identifies shoes for toddlers through young preschoolers with a ‘K. ‘ ‘K’ shoes go up to size 13. After a 13K starts a new range.

What does 5C shoe size mean?


Size Heel to Toe Length (in) Heel to Toe Length (cm)
4.5C 11.4
5C 4⅝ 11.8
5.5C 4⅞ 12.3
6C 5 12.7

What is 5.5 K shoe size?


4.5K 3.5 23.5
5K 4 24
5.5K 4.5 24.5
6K 5 25

What is size 9k in us?

Adidas Kid’s Footwear Size Chart

7.5k 5.7″ 8
8k 5.8″ 8.5″
8.5k 6″ 9
9k 6.1″ 9.5

What size is 5k in us?

Kid’s Shoes

US Youth Inches UK
5K 4.5
6K 4⅝ 5.5
7K 5⅛ 6.5
8K 7.5

What size is 1K?

USA SIZE (cont.) 6.5K 7K
UK Size 6 6.5
Europe Size 23 23.5
Japan Size 140 145