How do I pay for my timezone?

How do I pay for my timezone?

Your credit card or PayPal account will be debited at the time of booking. Birthday party booking deposits can also be paid at any TIMEZONE venue by using EFTPOS or Cash. Your EFTPOS account will be debited at the time of booking.

How do I get a VIP time zone?

How do I get VIP pricing? To obtain a VIP Powercard you simply have to load or accumulate $50 on a standard TIMEZONE Powercard in venue. Once that has occurred you can register your details and upgrade to a VIP card.

How do I check my timezone card balance?

You can now check your balances online! Go to to create your’s today!

Do timezone cards expire?

Answer : Timezone Powercard will expire if they are not used for 12 months without transactions. However, if you use your card regularly, it will remain active for 12 months from the last date of use.

Can you use a timezone card at Kingpin?

Where can I use my Powercard? You can use your Powercard at any Kingpin, Timezone & Zone Bowling venue.

How do you play games in timezone?

Ways to play with Timezone Powercards Simply choose your Powercard in store , load it up with credit or the timed play package of your choice, swipe and play! The price of the game is automatically deducted from your card balance, and any tickets you win are saved on the Powercard.

Is timezone a franchise?

All the new stores will be owned by the family company. “We are not going to grow any further through franchising,” Mr Steinberg said, adding there were still six franchises in the existing network.

How do I open timezone?

Open Settings. Go to Time & language – Date & time. There, see the option Set time zone automatically. Enable it if you would like to get the time zone configured automatically by the operating system.

What games are at TimeZone?

  • Bowling.
  • Bumper Cars.
  • Escape Rooms.
  • Games.
  • Glow Golf.
  • Karaoke.
  • Laser Tag.
  • Top Spin.

How do I get a gold time zone card?

Blue Elite: Be part of an Elite force. Reaching 50 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Blue Elite Tier. Gold: Go for Gold! Reaching 250 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Gold Tier.

How do I get a platinum card time zone?

Which it is if you’re serious about becoming the ultimate Timezone Arcade Games Boss! You qualify for the PLATINUM Plus Powercard once you’ve hit 5,000 Reward Points^. Yup.

Is there an app for time zones?

On mobile, both Android and iOS offer a default clock app with the ability to add multiple time zones and places to help you track the time easily. On iOS: Go to the clock app. Tap on the plus icon on the top left to add other locations.

How do I upgrade my timezone card?

To upgrade your Powercard, visit your local venue with your Powercard to collect your new card. Will my Timezone game credit and Powertickets expire? Yes. Game credit and Powertickets will expire if the card is inactive for 12 months from date of last use.

What is the best time for all time zones?

USA Rule of Thumb: 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time It’s optimal because it allows those working in the more Western time zones to get into their workday groove, but it doesn’t pressure the East Coasters to stay late after business hours.

How do I get a world clock?

If you haven’t messed with your Android 4.2 lock screen widgets yet, the world clock will actually be right on your main lock screen panel by default. Just press and hold the clock on your lock screen and swipe your finger downward to reveal the full list of cities.