How do I reactivate my DOT number?

How do I reactivate my DOT number?

If the status reads “Record Inactive” or “Inactive USDOT Number per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4); Biennial update of MCS-150 data not completed” you will need to complete, sign and submit a new Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150) to reactivate the USDOT Number.

How do I know if my DOT number is active?

You can determine the status of your USDOT number in these ways:

  1. Online: Go to the SAFER website and search by name, USDOT number or MC number.
  2. By email: You can submit your question via our web form (you will receive a tracking number)
  3. Phone: Call 800-832-5660 to speak to FMCSA Customer Service.

How do I find out my carrier rating?

Motor carrier safety ratings are available at and motor carrier licensing and insurance status are available at

What is the safer report?

Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System The Company Snapshot is a free service which provides a concise record of a company’s identification, size, cargo, inspection and out-of-service summary, crash data and safety rating (if any).

Can I get a DOT number without a truck?

You don’t need a truck to get motor carrier authority. However, you do need liability insurance and most insurance companies won’t insure a carrier without attaching the coverage to a specific truck. You can apply for your MC number at any time.

Is MC number same as DOT number?

A US DOT number identifies carriers operating in interstate commerce while an MC number identifies a carrier who transports regulated commodities for hire in interstate commerce. Generally, items that have been changed from their natural state are regulated commodities requiring an MC number.

How much does it cost to get a DOT number and MC number?

USDOT Number and MC Number. Registering under the FMCSA to obtain your DOT and MC numbers costs $300. You can hire another company to help for a set extra cost, but it may be worth it to know that your paperwork will be done correctly.

Can I sell my MC number?

No, USDOT Numbers are not transferable. Operating authorities (MC numbers) are transferable.

How much does your own authority cost?

Process Agent Designation ($35 to file form BOC-3 plus $100 annually to your chosen agent) FMCSA Permanent Authority fee ($300) International Registration Plan fees (widely ranges, from $200 to $2000, depending on how many states you plan to run) Base plate fees (varies by state, about $275 to $1,000 annually)

At what point do you need a DOT number?

In general, a USDOT Number is required if you are operating in interstate commerce and meet the following criteria: You have vehicles that are over 10,000 lbs. (GVWR, GCWR, GVW or GCW) You transport between 9 and 15 passengers (including the driver) for compensation, whether direct or indirect.

How much does it cost to deactivate a DOT number?

You are required to have a U.S. DOT Number if: your vehicles have a gross-weight rating of 10,000 lbs or more (note that this applies to the combination of vehicles as well, i.e. vehicle and trailer combined)…Payment.

Deactivation Processing Fee $49.95
Subtotal: $49.95

How long does it take to reinstate your DOT number?

Reinstatement may take up to 3 weeks from the date the fee is posted to your card. If you have further questions regarding your operating authority, please call the MC Licensing Department at 1-866-637-0635.

Do you need to deactivate DOT number?

Make Sure before you deactivate or suspend your U.S. DOT number, please ensure that you do not need it. You are required to have a U.S. DOT Number if: your vehicles have a gross-weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more (note that this applies to the combination of vehicles as well, i.e. vehicle and trailer combined)

Do you have to cancel a DOT number?

Most registration processes can be done online. Unfortunately, according to the FMCSA, you cannot cancel a US DOT number online as of May 2010. Companies must cancel US DOT numbers by mail.