How do I speak to a human at Kohls?

How do I speak to a human at Kohls?

If you need to talk to a live customer service representative in Kohls you need to dial 1-855-564-5705. Press 2 and then press 0 to speak to an associate. If you need to talk to a live customer service representative in Kohls Charge Account you need to dial 855-564-5748.

How do I speak to a live person at Kohls?

Customer Service

  1. 855-564-5705.
  2. Yes2You Rewards. 855-564-5751.
  3. Kohl’s Charge. 855-564-5748.
  4. Gift Cards and Fundraising Cards. 855-564-5748 (Purchased in a Kohl’s Store) 866-887-8884 (Purchased Online)
  5. Corporate Gift Cards. 800-653-1774.

What is Kohl’s credit card phone number?

For additional assistance, contact Customer Service at (800) 564-5740.

Can I pay my Kohl’s bill over the phone?

Automated Phone System: Use our automated phone system 24 hours a day by calling (855) 564-5748, to make a FREE payment. A bank routing and account number will be required if you are making an ACH payment.

Can I use expired Kohl’s Cash?

While your expired Kohl’s Cash won’t work when added to your cart online – YOU CAN USE IT! Just call customer service while placing an online order and they will manually add your Kohl’s Cash as long as it’s within the 10-day grace period.

Can they look up Kohls cash?

If you scroll to the bottom of the home page on, you’ll find a link to check your Kohl’s Cash balance. You can also check the balance of any Kohl’s Cash added to your Wallet in the Kohl’s App and set reminders so you’ll never forget to use it! Easy-peasy.

What happens if I spend my Kohls cash and then return?

Did you already spend your Kohl’s Cash? If you have already used your Kohl’s Cash®, you will get a refund in the form of your original payment, and the amount of the Kohl’s Cash® will be deducted from your return amount. You can redeem this Kohl’s Cash anytime within 30 days.

How do I know if my Kohls Cash is still good?

In your Shopping account:

  1. Sign in here.
  2. Under “Account” at the top of the page, select “Kohl’s Cash”.
  3. Click the “Kohl’s Cash” tab in your shopping account profile.
  4. Select “CHECK BALANCE”.

Do you have to use all your Kohl’s cash at once?

You don’t have to spend all your Kohls Cash at once to use it. Say you have $30 worth of Kohls Cash. But you only want to buy about $20 worth of merchandise.

Why did I not get Kohl’s Cash?

Check the blocked email folder in your account. You also may need to add the email address [email protected] to your approved senders/address book. If you still do not see your Kohl’s Cash® email, you can print, email or download it right from!

What can you use Kohl’s Cash on?

During periodic Kohl’s Cash promotions (dates are available online and in their various advertisements), when you make qualifying purchases on things Kohl’s sells like clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, decor, jewelry, toys, appliances, beauty products, electronics or housewares, for every $50 you spend, Kohl’s …

What can you not use Kohls cash on?

Kohl’s Cash is not valid on the purchase of Kohl’s Cares® merchandise, charitable items or gift cards. You can’t use Kohl’s Cash to pay your Kohl’s Charge balance.

Does Kohls cash work on Nike?

Those other discounts cannot be used to purchase higher-end products such as certain cosmetics and electronics, or higher-end brands such as Dyson, Levi’s and Nike. But you can use Kohl’s Cash to buy such products.

What brands can you not use 30 off at Kohls?


3N2 Flybar Mighty
Bahne and Paparazzi Glide Bikes Nextt
Bell Sports Globber Nike
Bellelli Golf Buddy Nitro Golf
Ben Hogan Halex NSD

How often do you get 30% off at Kohls?

12 times per year

Does Kohls 30 off work on Adidas?

Exclusions – Kohl’s You won’t be able to use discount or coupons if you buy the following items. Adidas, Fun, Mitre, Soldier Sports aren’t eligible for promotional offers or coupons and must be returned within 30 days from the date of…

Do you get a discount for using your Kohl’s card?

The Kohl’s Charge card is a bit different than other store-branded cards in that it doesn’t give shoppers an everyday discount. Instead, cardholders get access throughout the year to extra savings offers, defined as additional discounts on its sale prices.

Does Kohls give credit increases?

Kohl’s will allow you to request a credit limit increase once every three months. Be aware that credit limit increase requests will often result in hard inquiries on your credit reports. If you want a higher credit limit, we recommend requesting an increase about once every 6 to 12 months or so.

What credit score does Kohls use?


What bank is Kohls credit card?

Capital One

Is Kohl’s card easy to get?

The reviews indicate credit scores as low as 570 may be approved, making the Kohl’s card one of the easier-to-obtain store cards. In addition to earning rewards on every purchase, you can get even more value out of your Kohl’s shopping by combining Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You Rewards with your Kohl’s Charge discounts.

Can you only use a Kohl’s card at Kohls?

The Kohl’s Card is a retail charge card, which means it can only be used for purchases of Kohl’s merchandise. That includes purchases made in Kohl’s stores and online. That’s different from a traditional credit card that bears a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover logo.

What is Kohls known for?

Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, decor, jewelry, toys, appliances, beauty products, electronics, and housewares. Kohl’s is an American department store retail chain, operated by Kohl’s Corporation.

Do Kohl’s card members get free shipping?

When Kohl’s Card customers spend $600 per year (January 1 – December 31), they become Most Valued Customers (MVCs). MVCs receive extra offers like a Birthday Gift and Free Shipping Events in addition to those listed above.

Will closing my Kohl’s card hurt my credit?

On closed accounts, the limit is no longer taken into account for available credit. So for people with less available credit that carry balances, closing a card would impact their debit to credit ratio. It does not sound like you would be impacted much in your situation.