How do professionals decorate Christmas trees?

How do professionals decorate Christmas trees?

11 secrets to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional

  1. Invest in a high-quality artificial tree.
  2. Fluff and shape branches.
  3. Design around a theme.
  4. Start with the lights first.
  5. Choose the right decorations.
  6. Cluster your baubles.
  7. Layer and style ribbons.
  8. Use tree picks.

How can I make my artificial Christmas tree look fuller?

10 Easy Ways to Make a Fake Tree Look More Real

  1. Don’t Skimp on Ornaments. If you’re afraid your artificial tree won’t look full enough, eye-catching ornaments can help fill in empty spots.
  2. Drape a Greenery Garland.
  3. Tuck in Real Branches.
  4. Add an Authentic Scent.
  5. Spritz It With Fake Snow.
  6. Top It With Tinsel.
  7. Add Pinecones (and Ribbons).
  8. Use a Standout Tree Stand.

How can I make my Christmas tree look more expensive?

  1. Take some time to maneuver and shape the branches of your tree before putting any decorations on it.
  2. Give your tree more height!
  3. Stuff ribbon, beads, tulle, or other types of garland, deep within the spaces between the branches to give the look of a fuller tree.
  4. Fill in the gaps with decor.

How do you make a real Christmas tree look fuller?

Use Pine Garland to Fill in Holes Not only will the plastic pine add fullness, but chances are it may also match the color and texture of your tree. Visitors won’t even notice the difference. You could also use pine picks and other types of green garland, as long as they match the color of your Christmas tree.

How do I add branches to my real Christmas tree?

Bare Spots But if that’s not the case, cut a few branches from the bottom of the tree before putting it into the stand. Then, zip tie those branches onto the interior of the branches just surrounding the gap. Trim and shape them with some pruners to help those “new branches” blend in.

What can I use to make my Christmas tree look taller?

Use a large crate to make you tree seem taller. Anything that is wide enough to hold your tree up will work. I’ve even seen people use tree collars around their tree and propping the tree up with some books or boxes inside of the collar.

What order do you decorate a Christmas tree?

The important thing to remember is that these steps can be followed no matter what style or color of Christmas decor you want to use on your tree!


Do you start at the top or bottom when putting lights on a Christmas tree?

Plug the lights in to make sure all the bulbs are working. Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches. Work your way down and around the tree, hanging lights in the back as well. When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree.

How do you decorate a Christmas tree in 2020?

The traditional colors of red, green and gold are as popular as ever for Christmas 2020. Non traditional colors such a silver, gray, and white are also popular as they help create the feeling of snow. Jewel tones such navy blues and deep greens will add an elegant look to your Christmas decorations this year.

What colors are trending for Christmas 2019?

Dusty pink and minty green are the colours for Christmas 2019.

What is trending for Christmas gifts 2020?

The Most Popular Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Your Friends and Family in 2020

  • Great Addition to Any Tech Gift.
  • 2 Moon Lamp.
  • 3 Create Your Own Reel Viewer.
  • 4 Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager.
  • Great for All Ages.
  • An Eco-Friendly Gift That’s Still Cute.
  • 7 One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer.

What is the color for Christmas 2021?


What is the Christmas tree trend for 2020?

Outdoor Christmas trees, rainbow lights and pop-up trees are among the biggest Christmas tree trends for 2020.

What are the popular colors for Christmas 2020?

Traditional red and green Christmas colors are popular in 2020. Traditional red and green is on our radar for Christmas trends 2020. Green, in fact, is growing in popularity.

What is the color for 2020?

Classic Blue

What date do you put Xmas decorations up?

For Americans, this may fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the end of November. For many people, December 1 marks the date when it is socially acceptable to put up your tree — any date before then is too early to put up Christmas decorations.

Is October too early to decorate for Christmas?

You know what, the world can use more Christmas spirit and there is nothing that puts more pride or light in her eyes than Christmas decorations. So, we’ve managed a good compromise with Fall harvest decor through October. Christmas decor from November 1st on through New Years.

When should Christmas decorations come down 2020?

Twelfth Night is Sunday, January 5. The festival marks the end of Christmas and the coming of The Epiphany, a Christian feast day celebrated on January 6. For the Church of England, the date falls on the fifth day of 2020, with the first day of Christmas being on December 25.

When should I put my Christmas tree up 2021?

Tradition dictates that Christmas trees should be put up at the beginning of Advent – the fourth Sunday before Christmas – which this year falls on 29 November. Others opt to put their tree up 12 days before Christmas, while some leave it as late as Christmas Eve (baffling, we know).

Is it bad luck to put your Christmas tree up in November?

Traditionally the tree and decorations were not put up until Christmas Eve – and in the past having the tree up earlier or later than these dates was considered bad luck. These days however the date varies – with some people putting theirs up in November, and others opting for the first or second week of December.

When should you put your Christmas tree up Catholic?

2 February

Is it bad luck to take Christmas tree down before New Years?

If you are superstitious, you may want to take the tree down before midnight on New Year’s Eve to avoid any bad luck in the next year. People who take their tree down on January 6th are observing the Christian holiday of the Epiphany, a day marking the revelation of God in human form as Jesus Christ.

How long do you leave your tree up after Christmas?

According to Tradition, You Should Leave Your Tree Up Until January 6—Here’s Why. If you’ve been looking for a reason to keep your Christmas decorations up a bit longer, this is it.

Is it bad luck to put your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving?

Traditionally, trees were not put up until Christmas Eve and then taken down the day after Twelfth Night. Having a tree up before or after these dates was considered bad luck.

Is it unlucky to take Christmas decorations down before 12th night?

Twelfth Night is often seen as the standard time to take your decorations down. The Christian tradition dates back to the 4th century and marks the end of Christmas and the Eve of the Epiphany. Taking your decorations down before the end of the standard festive season is often believed to be bad luck by many people.