How fast was Kerry Woods fastball?

How fast was Kerry Woods fastball?

95.4 miles per hour

How fast did old pitchers throw?

Sidd Finch threw 168 mph in 1985 for the Mets. We’ll never know since there are no accurate radar records until ~50 years ago, but probably about 5 MPH less than they do now.

How fast is a 95 mph fastball?

about 139 feet-per-second

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How fast did pitchers throw in 1940?

There were obviously still many variables associated with this test, so the method wasn’t considered especially accurate either. In 1940, Bob Feller tried the same test with his pitch coming in at a whopping 103 miles per hour.

How fast was Nolan Ryan’s fastball?

100.9 miles per hour

What was Bob Feller’s navy rate?

While the Navy gave him the rate of “Chief Specialist Athletic,” he wanted to train like any other sailor. He struck as a gunner’s mate and began his training here in Norfolk. He later served as a 40mm gun captain on the Norfolk-built battleship USS Alabama (BB-60).

How much is a Bob Feller autograph worth?

A Bob Feller single signed baseball is worth about $40. – $60. A Bob Feller signed Photo is worth about $30.

Is Bob Feller still alive?

Deceased (1918–2010)

What did Bob Feller do in the Navy?

Feller participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea before his combat duty ended in January 1945; he spent the rest of the war at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station as an instructor. When the war ended, Feller was discharged as a Chief Petty Officer on August 22, 1945.

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Where is Bob Feller buried?

Bob Feller

Original Name Robert William Andrew Feller
Birth 3 Nov 1918 Van Meter, Dallas County, Iowa, USA
Death 15 Dec 2010 (aged 92) Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
Burial Gates Mills North Cemetery Gates Mills, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
Memorial ID 62968869 · View Source

When did Bob Feller die?


Did Bob Feller see combat?

You Never Forget Combat POPULAR GUY – Chief Petty Officer Bob Feller jokes with shipmates during his World War II days. Feller, who served in combat as captain of a 40-millimeter anti-aircraft mount, enjoyed celebrity status among Sailors, who often asked for his autograph or came by to chat.

What is Bob Feller rookie?

1948 Bowman Bob Feller RC #5 Feller’s 1948 Bowman card is considered his official rookie card in some circles as his earlier Goudey cards had a smaller availability nationally compared to the Bowman sets.

Did Bob Feller serve in the military?

Bob Feller inspired countless Americans when, at the age of 23, despite being eligible for a deferment, he put his baseball career on hold and became the first American professional athlete to enlist in the military, volunteering for combat service the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

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Is Bob Feller in the Hall of Fame?


Who is Bob Feller in Iowa?

Bob Feller. Bob Feller began his major league journey in 1936, at age 17, fresh off his family’s farm in Van Meter, Iowa. It was during his rookie season that Feller earned the nickname “Rapid Robert” because of his devastating fastball and high strikeout totals.