How long are expired funds good for?

How long are expired funds good for?

5 years

What is the difference between appropriation current and expired periods?

There are now three distinct phases in terms of availability of appropriations: (1)”Current,” which means the funds are available for obligation; (2) “Expired,” which means they are not available for obligation, only liquidation of previously incurred obligations or certain adjustments to these obligations; and (3) ” …

What is severable vs non severable?

As used in this chapter, a multiple year appropriation means an appropriation that is available for obligation for a definite period of time in excess of one fiscal year. A non-severable service represents a single undertaking that cannot be feasibly subdivided.

What is an unliquidated obligation?

An unliquidated obligation is an invoice that the grantee has allotted money to pay, but it has not been paid because the invoice has not come into either from a subcontract support or from any other obligation. It has to be zero so all of those final invoices are paid and closed out within the grantee system.

What does unliquidated balance mean?

Budgeted amount that is not yet utilized or committed.

What is an unobligated balance?

Unobligated balances are the amounts of budget authority that have not yet been committed by contract or other legally binding action by the government. • Obligated balances are the amounts of obligations already incurred (for example, contracts signed) for which payment has not.

What does Federal share of unliquidated obligations mean?

Federal Share of Unliquidated Obligations – Direct and indirect expenses incurred but not yet paid or charged to the grant, including amounts due to subrecipients and contractors. On an accrual basis, they are obligations incurred, but for which an expenditure has not yet been recorded.

What does federal share mean?

Federal Share. The portion of the total project costs that are paid by Federal funds.

How do I submit FFR to PMS?

After logging in to the Payment Management System with a PMS User ID and password:

  1. Select the PMS menu heading entitled: “Disbursement”
  2. Select the sub-heading entitled: “FFR Cash Transaction Report”
  3. Enter your PMS Account Number.
  4. Select the Reporting Period “All”
  5. Select the Continue button.

How do I submit FFR in ERA Commons?

To submit an FFR report, it must first be saved. After completing the form, select the Save button on the FFR form to save the entered data. Once the Save button has been selected, the Submit button will appear at the top of the screen. Select the Submit button.

What is a SF 425 form?

Used by recipients to submit reports on their grant’s financial progress.

What is a NIH FFR?

The FFR is used to submit financial information about individual grant awards. The FFR is required on an annual basis, except for domestic awards under the Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP) and awards that require more frequent reporting.

What is a SF425?

The SF425 is a cumulative report which captures the financial status of an agreement at a specific point in time.

What is sf270?

Used by recipients to request advances or reimbursement on all non-construction programs when the advance payment or reimbursement methods are used.

What are federal cash receipts?

Question 10a: Cash Receipts. Enter the total amount of cash received from FEMA. This will be the total amount of all payment/drawdown requests received from the Federal government.

What FFR reporting?

The Federal Financial Report (FFR) is a form that federal grant recipients are required to fill out and submit to their grant-awarding agency. The Consolidated FFR will allow grant recipients to submit all information related to the FFR in one system, rather than in multiple entry points.

What is the SF425?