How long does a name stay on the Stanley Cup?

How long does a name stay on the Stanley Cup?

Since the introduction of the five-band cup, each engraved team is displayed on the trophy between 52 and 65 years (though in practice, this was reduced by one year as a result of the 1953–1965 band only containing 12 teams prior to its removal), depending on the order they are engraved on the relevant band.

Who won Stanley Cup 2020?

Tampa Bay Lightning

Who has the most goals in NHL history?

Wayne Gretzky

Who was the first NHL player to score 400 goals?

Patrick Kane scored his 400th career NHL goal during the Blackhawks’ 7-2 rout of the Red Wings Sunday night. The 2007 No. 1 overall pick netted the milestone goal midway through the third period. The goal was Chicago’s third in the opening 10 minutes of the final frame, blowing open the game.

What age did Gretzky retire?


Can you wear number 69 in the NHL?

Desjardins won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2015. He is also notable for being one of only two players in NHL history to have worn the number 69, with the other being Mel Angelstad.

Why did Gretzky retire 99?

There were no extenuating circumstances that forced his retirement but Gretzky had shown signs of declining ability due to his age of 38 and decided to retire. For more on Wayne Gretzky’s final season and his legacy in ice hockey, read on.

Who is the oldest NHL player still alive?

List of oldest National Hockey League players

  • Gordie Howe, pictured here in 1966, played his final NHL game at 52.
  • Lester Patrick served as a replacement goaltender in the 1928 Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Zdeno Chara has been the oldest active NHL player since July 2019.
  • Joe Thornton is the second-oldest active player in the NHL.

Who was the youngest player ever to play in the NHL?

At 16 years 11 months, Armand “Bep” Guidolin (Canada, b. 9 December 1925) became the youngest player to skate in an NHL game playing for the Boston Bruins (USA) in a 3-1 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs (Canada) on 12 November 1942.

Who leads the NHL in points 2021?

2020‑2021 NHL Scoring Leaders

Rk Name ESP
1 Connor McDavid 68
2 Leon Draisaitl 51
3 Brad Marchand