How many lives did private Dawson save?

How many lives did private Dawson save?

After each successful delivery, he reportedly said, “Dear God, let me get just one more man.” By nightfall, he had rescued 75 soldiers, including many of the men who had berated him earlier in his military career.

How long is Hpsp contract?

4 year HPSP recipients have a 4 year service obligation. Payback of educational commitment begins after completion of graduate medical education training.

Is HPSP stipend taxed?

Stipend and bonus/grants are taxable by both the federal and state government. HPSP participants are eligible for 12 months of financial assistance each year: 10 ½ months of stipend and 1½ months of active duty pay and allowances as an Ensign while on annual training (AT).

How do you qualify for Hpsp?


  1. Be enrolled in (have a letter of acceptance from, or a list of schools applied to) an accredited graduate program in the U.S. or Puerto Rico:
  2. Be a U.S. citizen.
  3. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited school.
  4. Maintain full-time student status during the length of the program.

Does Hpsp pay for housing?

The HPSP is for students pursuing higher education in medicine after completing their bachelor degree. HPSP also covers the costs of books, equipment and other school fees, and provides a monthly allowance for food and housing.

What is the HPSP monthly stipend?

($2,400 per month)

What is the difference between Hpsp and Hscp?

With the HPSP, you are an officer in the IRR – not on active duty. Your school is paid for and you get a stipend. With the HSCP, you are on active duty and you pay the school expences out of pocket, but if you go to a state run school that has low fees, the HSCP is worth it because you will get more money in the end.

What happens after Hpsp?

Once finished with your residency training, you will be required to return to active duty to fulfill your HPSP commitment unless approved to pursue a fellowship. If selected for a sponsored slot, you will attend a civilian residency of your choice while receiving active duty pay and benefits.

Which branch is Hpsp?

the Air Force

Can you do ROTC and Hpsp?

Active Duty with Educational Delay – Army ROTC Once the officer completes medical school, he/she would do a civilian or military residency and then start serving as a doctor in the active Army. Once the education delay is granted by ROTC, candidates can apply for the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP).

How long is Hpsp officer training?

five week