How many soldiers was Leonidas allowed to take to Thermopylae?

How many soldiers was Leonidas allowed to take to Thermopylae?

300 Spartans

How many Persian soldiers were at the Battle of Thermopylae Bradford?

Persian army Herodotus claimed that there were, in total, 2.6 million military personnel, accompanied by an equivalent number of support personnel. The poet Simonides, who was a near-contemporary, talks of four million; Ctesias gave 800,000 as the total number of the army that was assembled by Xerxes.

How many Spartans survived the Battle of Thermopylae?


How hard can Doomguy punch?

Harder than you can. I’d say about 400-500 pounds of force. That’s about the force required to crush your body enough to explode outward.

What is Samus last name?

Samus Aran

Is Dark Samus a guy?

Dark Samus is genderless. Its just metroid prime in her phazon suit.

Why is Samus afraid of Ridley?

When Samus was three years old her parents were kill by Ridley and later she saw him eat them, which cause her to get ptsd. Her ptsd will never goes away no matter how many times she faces Ridley.

Does Samus have love interest?

15 Samus Has Only Ever Had One Love Interest… Kevin from Captain N. Captain N: The Game Master was a Nintendo themed cartoon series that began in 1989.

Who is Samus Aran’s boyfriend?

Commander Adam Malkovich

Why is Samus a girl?

In the original game, even the manual refers to Samus as male. The developers only came to the decision to make her female about midway through the production process, when one of them casually remarked that it would be really funny to get to the end and discover she was a girl all along.

What happens to Samus in Morph Ball?

The Morph Ball, known as Morphing Ball in Super Metroid, is Samus Aran’s alternate form. When using the Morph Ball, Samus is transformed into a metallic sphere approximately one meter in diameter. This allows her to travel through tight passages into which she would normally not be able to fit.

What killed the chozo?

Some sources state that the Chozo were killed off by continual Space Pirate raiding or by out-of-control Metroids.