How tall is a phone book?

How tall is a phone book?

The phone book was big – perhaps 12 x 12 inches, by 4 inches thick. Half of it was residential (White Pages) half was business (Yellow Pages). A yellow pages ad was pretty much mandatory for a public business.

Is there a national cell phone directory?

Finding someone’s phone number online is tricky. Cell phone numbers are private—there’s no public directory of cell phone numbers to replace those old paper phone books. However, there are a few ways you can find someone’s phone number (and business phone numbers are still easy to find).

Do city directories still exist?

Researchers should be aware, however, that there are no current city directories for many major U.S. cities–among them Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Therefore, some editions shelved on Deck 46 may be many years out-of-date.

Does FamilySearch have city directories?

Directories at the Family History Library You can find further information about city directories in FamilySearch Wiki pages regarding each state.

What does City Directory mean?

City Directory Abbreviations

ab above
do ditto (or the same as above)
dom domestic
drugst drugstore
e, E east

What does R mean in city directories?

r, resides with. householder. h, head of household. rd, road. real est, real estate.

What does REM mean in a city directory?

Another abbreviation that I’ve seen in my research which has helped me immeasurably is the term “rem” or ‘removed. ‘ This simply means that a person has moved away (i.e., removed themselves) from their previous residence. This has come in handy for tracking down mysterious ancestors.

What does REM mean in property?

against or about a thing

What does REM stand for mortgage?

IN REM: Michael Stipe and Your Liens They’re referring to the phrases “in rem” or “in personam”; fancy terms that mean “property-specific” and “general”, respectively. In short, where a lien is in rem, it attaches only to the property listed in the lien.

What Is REM in law?

In general, in rem refers to a lawsuit or other legal action directed towards a property, rather than toward a particular person. The term is important since the location of the property determines which court has jurisdiction and enforcement of a judgment must be upon the property and does not follow a person.

Does in rem jurisdiction still exist?

A warrant may be issued for the arrest of a foreign ship, provided the ship is within the territorial jurisdiction of the court. An action in rem does not necessarily result in a judgment in rem as the owner of the ship may enter a personal appearance and thus submit to the jurisdiction of the court.

Does quasi in rem still exist?

The concept of quasi in rem jurisdiction has become all but obsolete. It is no longer acceptable for a state court to gain personal jurisdiction over a defendant merely because the defendant owns property in the state. In Shaffer v. Heitner, 433 U.S. 186, 97 S.

What is the difference between right in rem and right in personam?

The number of right in rem is countless. Right in Personam: A right in personam is available only against a determinate person or persons, corresponds to a duty imposed on determinate individuals….Kinds of Legal Rights.

Real Rights Personal Rights
They are right in rem They are rights in personam.

Which right is available against the whole world?

1] Rights in Rem or Jus in Rem As per the law of the land, every person entering into a contract has rights in rem. This is right available to him or her against the entire world. It protects a person’s property from the entire world. This is why we call such a right as a negative right.

What are primary and secondary rights?

Primary and Secondary Rights • Primary rights are also called antecedent, sanctioned or enjoyment rights. • Secondary rights are called sanctioning , restitutory or remedial rights. • Primary rights are those rights which are independent of a wrong having been committed.

What is perfect and imperfect right?

A perfect right is a right which has a correlative duty which can be legally enforced. Imperfect rights are recognised but not enforced. The term ‘en-forceable’ means that a person may compel others to respect interest claim or that a person who is bound may be compelled to carry out what he has undertaken to do.

How many classes of rights are in re Aliena?

Primary right and Secondary rights. Public right and Private rights. Vested right and Contingent rights. A perfect right is one, which corresponds to a perfect duty, and is not only recognized by law but also enforced by law.

What is the difference between right and perfect?

As adjectives the difference between right and perfect is that right is (archaic) straight, not bent while perfect is fitting its definition precisely.