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The first month of the new year was not particularly rich in major hip-hop releases, but those few worthy of attention, indeed, not ashamed, and sometimes interesting to listen to

REM Digga, the Chemodan — “One loop”

Opened the season in Russian rap representatives gaining strength underground. REM Digg, producer and rapper, winner of numerous Internet battles, recognized as such not the latest in hip-hop guys, like ONYX, and Petrozavodsk, gloomy but stylish, The Chemodan — and separately the stars already at the Federal level, though in its sector. They have decided to join forces for a joint release. Sounds all gloomy, uniformly, stylish. This black and white range of music that cannot be a claim as in good graphics. The texts are also built around the question of how to remain human in the industrial province and why this REP is the coolest rap. In General, for someone the two most important Russian question.

Isaiah Rashad — “Cilvia Demo”

The album rookie of the TDE label, where they released the main stars of the modern smart for the mainstream, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, whose albums are also expected this year. Overall, here is the same situation as his colleagues in the publishing house: stylish hip hop in the desired proportions in mixing the sound of the Golden age and the achievements of the 2000s. And true classic. Will it become a classic, early to say, but if the early singles young MCS can be blamed for some toothless and impersonal, on the album he did even a couple of times surprised. Stylish smart rap, proving that in the mainstream it is an art still lives.

Zartan Dreadnought COBRA (also known as Del The Funky Homosapien) — “Eller Than Most”

One of the first releases of the year in General: in the new year with another legendary ‘ 90s hip-hop artist Del The Funky Homosapien, known as the audience EMSI from the first album “Gorillaz”, without much noise posted a new album under the alias Zartan Drednaught COBRA. You know, when famous rockers get tired of universal acceptance, throw on time, recognized groups and create nobody famous garage band to start with a clean slate. There are also free from any expectations or commercial pressures, Del gives half an hour of wild technically, lyrically and emotionally, rap under the same wild bits, mixing powerful drums and annoying drums. Moving away from the initial shock, understand how the rapper is a master of his craft.

“Step Brothers” Lord Steppington

Another duet, but this time two active stars American non-pop hip-hop, friends of the rappers-producers Alchemist (by the way, the current DJ of Eminem) and Evidence. Enticing stylish adult rap generation thirty years from artists, not chasing trends, but create them Willy-nilly. It is not old and not new school hip-hop.

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