Incredible story of Demon of scream: Steven Tyler is now 70

We recall the best hits and interesting facts from the life of one of the coolest rock frontmen in the world.

One of the best songwriters in rock and roll, a constant participant in the lists of outstanding vocalists and best frontman, a man with the most recognizable smile in the world, one of the most stylish musicians in the world, a large father and a philanthropist are all about Steven Tyler, who today notes its 70th anniversary. In honor of this we remember what he is famous for and why we love him so much.

The real name of Steven Tyler is Stephen Victor Tallariko. On the part of the father, he has Italian and German roots, and on the part of his mother – Polish, English and, as he claims, Ukrainian. The musician has four children. In this case, the older daughters carry his stage name Tyler – this is the famous actress Liv Tyler and the rather successful model Mia Tyler. And the younger daughter and son got the real name of their father – Tallariko. Liv before 9 years did not know that the singer is her biological father, and then became so close to him that she even played the role of the schoolgirl who had escaped from the lessons in the legendary video for the song Aerosmith – Crazy. With this, in fact, and began her acting career.

Now it’s hard to believe, but one of the best frontmen in rock music began his performances in the very depths of the scene – as a drummer and backing vocalist. It was in this capacity in 1966 with the band The Chain Reaction that he released the single The Sun. By the way, then the musician called himself Steve Tally. For brevity and simplicity.

A turning point in Tyler’s career was the song Dream On, which he wrote in 1969. It was he who began to rehearse with guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton – the first members of the Aerosmith group, which later became legendary and existed from 1970 to this time. According to the latest information, now the musicians are on a farewell world tour.

Tyler’s band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. Now she has over 30 prestigious music awards, including four Grammys. And Tyler himself, along with guitarist Joe Perry in 2013, became a member of the Hall of Fame songwriters, as one of the best composers and poets in the US music industry.

For the characteristic manner of singing with the use of screams, Tyler received from the fans the nickname “Demon scream”. He also plays several musical instruments, including bass guitar, keyboards, percussion and harmonica. The spectacular loss in the 1993 superhit of Crying is his hand and lip affair.

Because of the constant load on the bundles caused by his trademark screams, Tyler nearly lost his voice forever. In March, after a two-hour concert in Florida, he was hospitalized and operated on. Doctors claimed that the singer’s ligaments literally bleed and recommended him to quit singing to preserve at least a spoken voice. But Tyler turned to the best American specialists, underwent a laser operation and returned to the stage in July of the same year. A video of his unique operation was included in the National Geographic documentary “The Incredible Body of Man”. And Tyler himself then joined the advisory board of the National Institute of the American Voice to help other singers.

Tyler and Aerosmith were among the first to risk combining rock music with hip-hop. Thus was born a cover for their successful hit 1975 Walk This Way, recorded along with the rap-trio Run-D.M.C. The collaboration turned out to be so successful that it pulled rockers out of the crisis caused by the alcohol and drug addictions of the frontman. In the yard just stood in 1986 and was approaching the renaissance of rock music. Later the group helped another rapper, this time Eminem to create one of his most notable hits – the song Sing for the Moment, giving him a sample from the song Dream On.

The biggest hobby of his, Tyler calls motorcycles and scuba diving. The first of these hobbies resulted in the creation of his own motorbike Dirico Motorcycles, in which Tyler is responsible for the design of models. Regarding the second, the musician claims that he can hold his breath under the water for two minutes, adores scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and swam with dolphins.

Tyler joined the fight against sexual harassment and violence long before 2017, when the story happened with Harvey Weinstein and the flashmob #metoo. The beginning was put by the award-winning “Grammy” hit Aerosmith 1989 by Janie’s Got a Gun. The song tells the story of a girl who shot her father because he raped her, and now she has to hide from the police. And more recently, Tyler opened an orphanage for girls who were actually affected by domestic violence, and named it after the very song: Jenny’s House. By the way, during the last ceremony of “Grammy” the musician arranged a party, at which means were collected for this shelter.

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