Interview with Brian Setzer Part 2

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If you are recorded with the orchestra?

No. I’m usually in another room, when we tune we do with orchestra live recording. But it’s so much easier to contribute later, when the orchestral parts of the songs recorded. For example, for things “Wolfgang’s Big Night Out” first, without me was written percussion and wind instruments at Capitol Studios. For jazz big band orchestra is the best Studio, it was recorded by Nat King Cole. The guys play a song 4-5 times, then come visit me in Minneapolis where I live with a ready material.

How do You record guitar?

In most cases I play rhythm on my old D Angelico, especially to use it in fast music. If you want to play something quieter, then I take an electric guitar as it gives the opportunity to play blind, and it is better to perform middle-fast action rhythm with the accent on the first and third quarters, this is especially true for jazz. I use to work two amplifiers, each of which has unique sound characteristics — an old 1×15 Supro and Fender Bassman. My producer John Holbrook (John Holbrook) writes my amps by using 2 different MICS — Royer ribbon and condenser Neumann.

Tell us specific examples of what tools You used at work.

In songs like “Take the 5th” used Gretsch guitar series “Signature” with D’addario strings (10-ka) and a Supro amp. Typically, for a softer sound, we use the Supro, but for more dramatic and heavy — Bassman. On the album “Wolfgang’s Big Night Out” was used Gretsch 6120 guitar with the strings of .012 diameter D Angelico, for example, in the song “Swingin’ Willie”-our version of “The William Tell Overture”. If you want to achieve a beautiful crisp sound, I use an acoustic guitar with strings of diameter 0.013 D’addario Phosphor Bronze.

Why the strings attached such great importance?

Using different strings can change the sound with the same settings of the amplifier. I use electric guitar sets strings, .010, .011, .012, and D Angelico with a diameter of .013 if I want to achieve a low muffled sound. Miscellaneous strings for electric guitar give slightly different sound, although many will probably say that 0.012 strings give a more crisp sound, I prefer 0.010 and believe that strings diameter 0.012 no better, and just sound a little different.

How hard was it to play “Flight of the bumblebee” played in “Honey Man”?

No. In the beginning of the song I used a Capo on the 1 fret guitar, so I could go with the chord F# to F, not holding the Barre on the first fret. After that, I just took it off and played the rest of the song.

How do You ensure that Your songs almost every minute changes the sound?

This is achieved not due to the settings of the amplifier are unchanged, and due to the fact that I can remove the notes with a pick or with your fingers.

In the song “1812 Overdrive,” You played along with the sax, it sounds great. Especially if tuned sound to it combined with a wind instrument?

I really love the sound there. But no. I never thought about it. I was just trying to get the sound I like. When I wrote the chords, I thought that the sound was clean, wanted to hear every note in the chord. A bit of “meat” was added only in solo where not played at the same time a few notes.

Have you ever used a wow effect.

Yes, once upon a time when I was playing with a group of Stray Cats. Many of the pedal effects sound funny for a minute. However, there are some that I use for many years — it tape echo, reverb and tremolo. Pedals are in great popularity among many musicians, but I use them only occasionally. For example, in the song “Take a Break Guys” used effects an overdrive and a wow, and they sound just great.

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How are You going to play it live?

It will be hard, but it’s funny, I’m going to execute this program in my Christmas tour. I can’t remember how to play such a large amount of material, so I’ll use a music stand for music concerts.

Classical composers were known not only for his contemporaries, their songs listen and know today, 300 years later. I did something new with classical music. When I try to describe what I play to people, they don’t understand. But as soon as they hear [sings the Intro to 5th Symphony Beethoven] “Bom bom bom baaah” then smile and said, “Ah, I know it!”.

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